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Amazing World of Warcraft art

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Blair and Serena fashion style

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Hot female demons & succubi

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The most searched bodybuilder


Top Searches on Google Today (from newest to oldest):
  1. Diablo 3 Monk and Demon Hunter Cosplay in Cosplay
    A must-see gallery of the best Diablo 3 Cosplay on the Web.

  2. Green Tea Benefits

  3. Healthy Food

  4. Current Events - Current News - Breaking news

  5. Cool Places To Visit

  6. Funny Cat Pictures

  7. Pokemon Pokeballs in Entertainment
    Realistic pokeballs by deviant artist Barry Wazzy. Pikachu!

  8. A Russian Moon Base by 2030? in Science & Technology
    What convinced the Russians that they must create a Moon base.

  9. What Really Sank the Titanic in Science & Technology
    100 years later we are still unsure. What sank the Titanic?

  10. Negative Effects of Facebook in Science & Technology
    Let's see what are the negative aspects of Facebook.

  11. Okeanos Explorer Live Feed in Science & Technology
    Take a virtual voyage to the deep sea with NOAA's Ocean Explorer.

  12. Costumes of WonderCon 2012 in Cosplay
    Some of the best cosplay outfits at the WonderCon this year.

  13. International Space Station Facts in Science & Technology
    The ISS is one of man's greatest technological achievements.

  14. Vertical Forest in Science & Technology
    Worlds' first vertical forest is currently being built in Milan.

  15. Alien Prometheus in Movies
    The search for our beginning could lead to our end...

  16. How Hypnosis Affects the Brain in Science & Technology
    What is the connection between hypnosis and the brain?

  17. Chernobyl Disaster in 1986 in Shocking
    Was the Chernobyl incident the worst nuclear accident in history?

  18. Starbuck Angel in Movies
    Who or what was Kara Thrace? Here are the top 10 theories.

  19. What is Cosplay and How to Cosplay in Cosplay
    Want to know what Cosplay is and how to be good at it?

  20. Why The World Won't End in 2012 in Science & Technology
    NASA explains why the world won't end on December 21.

  21. Space Shuttle HD Video in Science & Technology
    Drop whatever you're doing and watch this shuttle launch video.

  22. Hatsune Miku Cosplay in Cosplay
    A virtual singer who can sing the songs you compose. Seriously!

  23. Call of Roma Ads in Entertainment
    Horrible videogame advertising! Call of Roma invites you to a...

  24. Brazilian Samba Schools in Entertainment
    Top searched Rio Carnival is about love, samba music and people.

  25. Hot Alien Girls in Movies
    A sci-fi movie with a hot alien girl in it would sell like hot bread.

  26. Cleaning Up Earth Space Junk in Science & Technology
    Imagine a big Roomba in space to clean up the orbital debris.

  27. Dark Side of the Moon Base in Science & Technology
    NASA is planning to build a base on the dark side of the Moon.

  28. Temporal Distortion in Science & Technology
    What is a temporal distortion and where can we find one?

  29. Jaimie Mantzel Robots in Science & Technology
    Jaimie is obsessed with robots. Check out his giant robot!

  30. Iron Sky Release Date in Movies
    At the end of the World War II the Nazi conquered the Moon.

  31. Supersonic Space Jump in Science & Technology
    Extreme skydiver on a quest to set a new world record.

  32. Preorder Tera Online in Games
    A visually stunning MMORPG, most searched on Google today.

  33. Geminoid-F Android in Science & Technology
    F is for female. And yes, she's an android. Watch the video.

  34. Fallout 3 Design in Games
    Its beauty is in the choices you make in order to survive.

  35. What is Green Technology in Science & Technology
    We keep hearing about this "green design." But what is it?

  36. Jessica Nigri Cosplay in Cosplay
    The most searched Cosplayer on Google, our Pikachu.

  37. Jupiter's Core is Dissolving in Science & Technology
    Here's why scientists think that Jupiter's core is dissolving.

  38. Scary Snowman Pranks in Entertainment
    Hilarious YouTube videos of a snowman scaring people.

  39. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Entertainment
    Pictures and news on the most searched couple on Google.

  40. Skyrim Collectors Edition in Games
    Bethesda's new RPG, The Elder Scrolls V, sold 3.4 million.

  41. WoW New Expansion Pandaria in Games
    It's the WarCraft drinking game (with cuddling Pandarens).

  42. How Google Works in Science & Technology
    Do you understand how the Google search engine works?

  43. Is WoW Dead? in Games
    Blizzard really messed up with Cataclysm. Find out why.

  44. Transformers Fall of Cybertron in Games
    Let's see what to expect from the new Transformers game.

  45. Aliens Colonial Marines in Games
    The new Aliens CM trailer is among top searches on Google.

  46. Steve Jobs Dies at 56 in News
    The world lost a great man, a genuine visionary. iSad...

  47. More Followers on Twitter in Entertainment
    Tweet much? Here are 10 ways to get more followers.

  48. DotA 2 Release Date in Games
    A short history of MOBA: Dota, LoL & HoN. Say what?!

  49. Unusual Facts about Presidents in Entertainment
    The leaders of men varied greatly in their strangeness.

  50. Hindenburg Disaster Theories in Shocking
    Watch the famous Hindenburg airship crashing in flames.

  51. Amy Winehouse Dead in News
    A talented singer with a disease (drugs) died yesterday.

  52. Funny Autocorrect Fails in Entertainment
    Need a laugh? Over 60 funny Autocorrect Fails on iPhone.
    Looking for a quick fix? We deliver daily funny pictures.

  53. John Carter of Mars Movie in Movies
    A Disney's epic action movie of Martian awesomeness...

  54. The Vampire Diaries VS Buffy in Movies
    Buffy meets Stefan and they live happily ever after. What?!

  55. Nostromo Restoration Project in Science & Technology
    A masterpiece of modelling: the Nostromo ship from Alien.

  56. Korean Singer BoA in Music Videos
    BoA aka "Beat of Angel" is the Queen of Korean Pop music.

  57. Eyeborgs, The Movie in Movies
    The system designed to protect you, turns against you.

  58. Transformable Fashion in Entertainment
    Genius fashion by Ximena Valero: one dress, many styles.

  59. Batrani si Nelinistiti Sezonul 2 in Entertainment
    [RO] Urmareste online toate episoadele sezonului 2 aici.

  60. What Happened The Year I Was Born? in Entertainment
    Have you ever asked yourself this very question?

  61. Batrani si Nelinistiti in Entertainment
    [RO] Au innebunit batranii? Nu, sunt doar farse la Prima.

  62. Online Test for Alzheimer's in Science & Technology
    Over 50? Take a moment to test yourself for Alzheimer's.

  63. When to Drink Water in Science & Technology
    When to drink water and how much water to drink each day.

  64. Chelsea Brooke Pereira in Celebrity
    Playb0y's Special Editions model and a Cyber Club member.

  65. Hot Elves in Digital Art
    Created from light at the birth of time, lovers of nature & art.

  66. Sexy Fairies in Digital Art
    Cute little creatures involved in many medieval kidnappings.

  67. Angel Girls are Hot in Digital Art
    Yes, they are! Girls with wings are never boring. No sir!

  68. Girls and Dragons in Digital Art
    The most amazing dragon fantasy art you will ever see.

  69. Sexy Warrior Women in Digital Art
    Female warrior fantasy art at its best. Hot warrior women!

  70. Hot Robot Girls in Digital Art
    Fascinating art of female robots and androids. Must searched!

  71. Hire a Freelance Artist in Digital Art
    Searching for a good Freelance Artist for your game project?

  72. Night Elf Art in Digital Art
    Artworks of "Children of the Stars," members of the Alliance.

  73. Pepper Girls in Digital Art
    An experiment that turned into a huge success over time.

  74. Female Blood Elf in Digital Art
    Hot Pictures of "Children of the Blood," allies of the Horde.

  75. Rapture May 21 2011 in Shocking
    I Missed the End of the World. Again! Rapture, reloaded.

  76. RcSuperhero in Science & Technology
    It is a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's RcSuperhero to the rescue!

  77. Space the Final Frontier in Science & Technology
    Our best hope for the future is to colonize the outer space.

  78. Hot Rikku Cosplay in Cosplay
    Yuna's cousin and one of the most cosplayed characters ever.

  79. NFS in Real Life in Entertainment
    Watch these unbelievable, insane, NFS in real life videos!

  80. Ultimate Yuna Cosplay in Cosplay
    Among top three most cosplayed characters in the world.

  81. Girls with Six Packs in Entertainment
    Question: How do you feel about girls with six pack abs?

  82. Korean band After School in Music Videos
    Releases new video for their "Virgin" album. See it here.

  83. Holocaust Remembrance Day in Shocking
    Let us honor the memory of those who died in the camps.

  84. Cure for Cancer Found in News
    Finally, scientists cure cancer. But no one cares! WTF?!

  85. Rio Carnival 2011 in Entertainment
    You haven't lived until you've been to Rio for the Carnival.

  86. Tweets that Shocked the World in Entertainment
    From Bin Laden's death to Facebook acquisition by Google.

  87. The First USB Computer in Science & Technology
    A game developer from UK created a cheap USB PC ($25).

  88. Robotics Breakthroughs in Science & Technology
    Are we there yet? The latest breakthroughs in robotics.

  89. A Trip to The Moon in Movies
    The first science fiction movie and also the most searched.

  90. Facts about Earth in Science & Technology
    We are born on this beautiful planet; it is our legacy...

  91. Hot Jamie Eason in Celebrity
    She's the most searched female bodybuilder on Google.

  92. Beautiful Corset Girls in Entertainment
    Beauty comes with a price. Corsets are now top searches.

  93. Jennifer Lopez Style in Celebrity
    From "the block" to the most searched woman in 2011.

  94. First Man in Space in Science & Technology
    Do you know who was the first man in space? Find out!

  95. Japan's Nuclear Crisis in News
    The nuclear crisis at Fukushima rose to Chernobyl level!

  96. Proof of Roswell UFO Crash in Entertainment
    So Fox Mulder was right after all: the truth is out there.

  97. The Dutch Superbus in Science & Technology
    A state-of-the-art Dutch public transportation vehicle.

  98. Free Guided Meditation in Science & Technology
    Find peace, your inner peace. Silence your thoughts...

  99. Low Speed Motorcycle Riding in Entertainment
    Or is it high speed motorcycle riding? This... is crazy!

  100. Ayo Technology Milow & Skyla in Music Videos
    Are you tired of using technology? Join the revolution!

  101. James Cameron's Avatar in Movies
    The Sky People have sent us a message; an epic sci-fi.

  102. A Guy Walks into A Bar in Entertainment
    The most searched guy walking into a bar jokes (with videos).

  103. Wingsuit Base Jumping in Entertainment
    The real world application to the expression "fly like a bird".

  104. Post Apocalypse Survival in Entertainment
    The end of days is a frightening thing to contemplate.

  105. Gordon Freeman in Games
    The man who freed himself with only a crowbar (Half-Life).

  106. Photosynthesis for Dummies in Science & Technology
    What is photosynthesis? Photosynthesis for dummies and kids.

  107. Music and The Brain in Science & Technology
    How does music affects the brain? What is the connection?

  108. Girls with Great Abs in Entertainment
    Here's a question: how do you feel about girls with abs?

  109. Pokemon Cosplay in Cosplay
    Hot girls dressed up in Pokemon costumes (Pikachu, Misty).

  110. 2NE1 Fashion Style in Entertainment
    The New Evolution of the 21st century are huge in Japan.

  111. Weird Cars in Science & Technology
    Amphibian, leaning, rotating, wooden and other strange cars.

  112. Megan Fox FHM in Celebrity
    Foxy Megan is among the most searched women on Google.

  113. DotA Lina in Games
    The Slayer (most played) Guide will help you dominate DotA.

  114. Unbelievable Lucky People in Entertainment
    Did you ever witness an accident so terrifying that you were
    sure there are no survivors? What if there were survivors?

  115. Duncan Jones' Moon Movie in Movies
    A fantastic man on the moon movie with a promising story.

  116. Terminator 4 Salvation in Movies
    "The future's ours, and it begins now!" says the Terminator.

  117. Taringa Online in Science & Technology
    Taringa Inteligencia Colectiva, a phenomenon in Argentina.

  118. Lightsaber Duel in Entertainment
    We dig chicks with weapons! Weapons with mood lighting.

  119. Myst Game in Games
    If you played the original Myst, you either felt hatred or joy.

  120. How to Have Lucid Dreams in Science & Technology
    Wondering how to have a lucid dream? Here's a quick guide.

  121. Designing a Game in Games
    To design or not to design? That is the designer's question.

  122. How to Twitter for Business in Entertainment
    Here's a quick guide on becoming a successful Tweeter.

  123. Learn HTML in One Day in Science & Technology
    Is it possible to learn HTML in just one day? Absolutely!

  124. Half-Life Story in Games
    1998: Valve set a new threshold for shooters of that era.

  125. Asimov's Last Question in Science & Technology
    The answer to life, the universe and everything else is...

  126. Contaminated Drinking Water in News
    Just in: The tap water is harmful for babies in Tokyo, Japan.

Top 10 Google Searches in 2011

Belive it or not, here are the Top 10 Searches on Google for the passing year, with Rebecca Black topping as the most searched words on Google for 2011.
  1. 10. iPad 2
  2.   9. Steve Jobs
  3.   8. TEPCO (the Japanese word)
  4.   7. Adele
  5.   6. iPhone 5
  6.   5. Battlefield 3
  7.   4. Casey Anthony
  8.   3. Ryan Dunn
  9.   2. Google+
  10.   1. Rebecca Black

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