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"All this has happened before and it will happen again."

Battlestar Galactica
It started in the 70s and became a cultural phenomenon. Battlestar Galactica blow our minds for so many times, even before the opening credits. galactica season 4 Treating topics as politics, suicide bombings, cloning, political takeover, ethics and the survival of human kind, Battlestar Galactica relates to real life more than any other show on TV nowadays.

The critically-acclaimed 2003 series, Battlestar Galactica broke one of the main rules of hard science fiction: it wasn't really about science. Instead it was about social fiction, a social experiment if you will, on the future of humanity.

In Battlestar Galactica, women are simply everywhere, in positions of power and bravery as well as positions of adulteration and treachery. With women and men as equal, somebody else has to bear the burdens that women did traditionally. Did you guessed? Yes, the Cylons. Because of BSG 10% more women love sci-fi nowadays.

A few months later after the writer's strike, the space opera Battlestar Galactica is back. "Burning questions will finally be answered", says producer Ronald Moore, but even more will be raised. Is Kara Thrace "the harbinger of death"? What is she, really? Is she a machine or is she a clone? Saddle up and prepare yourself! We'll take you on a journey about the mysteries behind the Final Four, the fate of the 13th colony, and the identity of the fifth Cylon. This and so much more in the new Battlestar Galactica!

Battlestar Galactica, Season 4
List of Episodes:

Episode 01: He That Believeth in Me
Episode 02: Six of One
Episode 03: The Ties that Bind
Episode 04: Escape Velocity
Episode 05: The Road Less Traveled
Episode 06: Faith
Episode 07: Guess What's Coming to Dinner
Episode 08: Sine Qua Non
Episode 09: Hub
Episode 10: Revelations
Episode 11: Sometimes a Great Notion
Episode 12: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Episode 13: The Oath
Episode 14: Blood on the Scales
Episode 15: No Exit
Episode 16: Deadlock
Episode 17: Someone to Watch over Me
Episode 18: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Episode 19: Daybreak (Part 1)
Episode 20: Daybreak (Part 2)

Episode 1: He That Believeth in Me
Previously in Battlestar Galactica, Lee watched as Starbuck's ship exploded, only to appear months later, claiming she has found Earth. In the mean time, Tyrol, Tory, Anders and Colonel Tigh discover their Cylon nature. It's been over a years since the last episode of Battlestar Galactica. But now the wait is finally over, and so Battlestar Galactica 4 begins...

This season starts with Colonel Tigh pulling out a gun and shooting Commander Adama right in the head. Fortunately it was only a dream, and so the action takes us on the battlefield, where Anders is scanned by a Raider, which leads to the retreat of the entire Cylon attack force. Starbuck lands on Galactica and acts like she was just been gone for a few hours, while everyone stares in disbelief. Later, Kara Thrace explains that she has found Earth, took pictures of it, and turned around, although she has no idea how she got back. Tyrol inspects Starbuck's ship and figures out that it's a brand new model. The gang is back to assuming she's a Cylon and so the tension starts to build.

Number Six is aware of the fact that the Final Five are on board the Battlestar Galactica, while Starbuck is trying desperately to convince Admiral Adama to follow her intuition and set the Fleet on a course that supposable leads to Earth. As the Galactica continues to jump further away, she feels her knowledge of Earth's location fading. Laura Roslin insists that they're going to follow the Eye of Jupiter and not listen to Kara's intuition, which leads to Starbuck rushing into her apartment and threatening her with a gun. This concludes the first episode of Battlestar Galactica, season 4. [TOP]

Episode 2: Six of One
While in the last episode Gaius Baltar was whisked away by a cult of ladies who seem to worship him as a Messiah, the Three are now having a hard time trying to figure out who could be the Fifth. Tory sleeps with Roslin in the hope that she could find something out, while Starbuck is taken to the brig and continues to freak out each time Battlestar Galactica makes a hyperspace jump.

On board the Basestar, the Cylons learn that the Raiders retreat because they find out that one of the Final Five is among the Colonial Fleet. Calvin proposes to lobotomize the Raiders because they exceeded their programming, but one of the Boomers decides to vote against it, fact which Six claims that has never happened before. The Cylons always make decisions in unison and never go against one another.

On the flight deck of Battlestar Galactica the entire crews is present to salute Lee Adama and see him off to his new job. Back on the Basestar, The Sixes and Boomers upgraded the Centurions and gave them the gift of reason. Learning what Calvin has been doing to the Raiders, the toasters kill him and a few of the other similar models. Cylons fighting against Cylons, you gotta love the irony! In the end of episode 2 from Battlestar Galactica, season 4, Adama surprises us by giving Kara Thrace a ship and encouraging her to go find Earth. [TOP]

Episode 3: The Ties that Bind
In the beginning of this episode from Battlestar Galactica 4, Cavil resurrects in a puddle of goo and is a little bit upset. Also pretty upset is Cally, who finds Tyrol flirting with Tory in Joe's Bar. The President of the Colonies, Laura Roslin, finds out from about Kara's mission and she's pissed at the idea of covering for her, but she'll do it anyway. Starbuck, on board the Demetrius, studies the star maps, still trying to figure out a way to Earth. Gaeta, Helo, Helo and Athena are with her, and are tired of flying aimless.

On the Basestar, Calvin returns and, at the request of Six and Boomer he agrees to unbox D'Anna. Calvin asks Six and Boomer to follow him to the resurrection ship, so they can have a 'big family reunion' with Number Three (that's D'Anna). The skin jobs follow Calvin in what seem to be an obvious trap and get themselves blown to pieces.

Back to Battlestar Galactica, Cally finds a note meant for Tyrol and follows him to a nearby weapons locker, where she discovers that her husband is a Cylon. She freaks out and flees. Later, she whacks Chief in the face with a wrench and decides to throw herself, and her child Nicholas, out the nearest airlock. Tory shows up, grabs the kid, punches Cally in the face and sends her right out the airlock. Once again, our mouth hangs open in astonishment, then slowly forms the words "No frakin' way!", as happened so many times while watching Battlestar Galactica. All this has happened before and it will happen again... [TOP]

Episode 4: Escape Velocity
Last week on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck drove her crew nuts with her aimless search for Earth, but she at least got a good fraking during the journey, and Tory sent Cally straight out the airlock after she discovered *the secret*. Tyrol goes nuts as he desperately tries to get a hold on himself, doing everything he can to make sure he wouldn't do a mistake and turn against his people. After the forced landing of a Raptor, Tyrol gets over himself and argues with in Joes' Bar. The discussion ends with Tyrol being fired and reassigned.

In this episode of Battlestar Galactica, Tigh spends pretty much of his time visiting Six in the brig. Colonel Tigh is also imagining talking with his dead wife Ellen, while Six proposes to learn him how to shut down his pain, hitting him repeatedly in the face. That must've hurt... While Tory gets crazier by the hour, Roslin finally got his own personal worshipers, becoming what you may call a full fledged Messiah. Couple of times, in few scenes of this episode that don't feature crazy people, we find Admiral Adama reading to Laura Roslin, while it gets clear to us that she's really dying. Mary McDonnell pretty much owned this episode of Battlestar Galactica, and we sincerely hope that she will get some Emmy love this year. [TOP]

Episode 5: The Road Less Traveled
Returning to Demetrius, the sleep-deprived Starbuck has been playing Van Gogh all around her cabin and acts crazier than ever, knowing that the Demetrius will soon have to reunite with the fleet. Surprisingly, they come in contact with a battle damaged Cylon Heavy Raider, and Kara Thrace is shocked when she gets a message from Leoben. He tells her that he's there to offer a truce and a chance for her to complete her quest. The skin job informs them about their civil war and asks Kara to come aboard his Basestar, convinced that the Hybrid might be able to help.

While Roslin continues to mumble about the one true God throughout the entire episode 5 of Battlestar Galactica, season 4, everyone on board the Demetrius thinks that jumping to Leoben's Basestar is not a good idea. The episode ends with Kara Thrace realizing she has a mutiny in her hands. [TOP]

Episode 6: Faith
The episode starts with Helo shooting Gaeta in the leg for spilling the FTL to jump back to the fleet. Not willing to take the risk of transporting the entire crew to the Basestar, Kara Trace decides to only take Helo, Leoben and Athena with her in a Raptor. Helo agrees to wait 15 hours before jumping Demetrius back to the fleet, with our without them. While heading for the Basestar, Kara Thrace hears music playing in her head, which may prove that she's indeed a Cylon. She then sees the comet that's straight out of her painting, which proves that she's on the right track.

On board the basestar, the Sixes agree to let Kara Thrace go see the Hybrid, but only if they are willing to give back the baseship jump capability, which was lost during the initial civil war attack.

The Hybrid tells Starbuck that the Three will give her the Five that come from the home of the thirteenth tribe, which is Earth. She also passes on that message about Kara Thrace being the "Harbinger of death". [TOP]

Episode 7: Guess What's Coming to Dinner
Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck and a few crew members went on a road trip to the Cylon Basestar, in an attempt to find more information about the path to Earth. Now they decided to jump back to the fleet, although Demetrius' jump drive malfunctions and the Basestar appears on its own nearby the fleet. Fortunately, Colonel Tigh figures out that something isn't quite right and postpones the attack, having Demetrius showing up the next moment. On board the Battlestar Galactica, the Cylons explain their civil war to and Roslin and ask for help to get to the boxing facility. In exchange for their assistance, the Cylons promise to take the humans to the Resurrection Hub. Destroying the hub will deprive the Cylons of their ability to download into new bodies, taking away their immortality.

Helo starts preparing a plan to destroy the Resurrection Hub, but first they need to unbox D'Anna. Concerned that Number Three will reveal the identities of the Final Five hiding in the fleet, including his, Colonel Tigh wants to blow everything to pieces, but has no call in the matter and has to comply with Adama and Roslin orders. Meantime, poor Felix lost his leg and Laura Roslin has another dream with the opera house, which leads her to the decision of taking Roslin with her to the Hybrid, in an attempt to figure out her dreams. The Hybrid get plugged at the same time that Athena kills one of the Cylons' figures on board the Battlestar Galactica. Frightened, the Hybrid jumps the Basestar away from the fleet, taking Roslin and Roslin with it. [TOP]

Episode 8: Sine Qua Non
'Sine qua non' or 'without which there is nothing' if you like. The fleet doesn't know what to do now that Roslin is gone, Athena is sent to the brig for shooting the Cylon leader, and Zarek assumes the presidency, while Admiral Adama states clearly that he will never recognize him as President. In this Battlestar Galactica episode, Admiral Adama learns that Six is pregnant with Tigh's baby, which leads to a fist fight between him and Tigh. Okay, so Tigh and Six fraked each other and Six got pregnant! Cylons and Cylons can't reproduce, but these two did. Go tell everybody! Seriously now: What the frak? What happened with the... uh... never mind.
Later on, Lee Adama becomes the new President of the Colonies and Adama leaves Tigh in charge, while he's taking a Raptor to stay behind and wait for Roslin, without whom he confesses he cannot live. To be honest with you, each ending in Battlestar Galactica leads to complete astonishment has to what happened and what will come next. This episode has just prooved that. [TOP]

Episode 9: Hub
On this episode of Battlestar Galactica, Roslin and Roslin are trying to get some answers from the Hybrid, while D'Anna, the Warrior Princess, is finally out of her... ahem... box. While the baseship keeps jumping around, Roslin goes in a couple of astral journeys, where she meets her long dead spiritual leader Elosha, and also watches herself dying of cancer. After figuring out that the Hybrid is jumping to the Resurrection Hub, the Cylons offer to help the Viper pilots to destroy it. Calvin wakes D'Anna in a futile attempt to stop the Cylons from battling each other, but she kills him, right after Calvin figures out what the humans are up to.

Back on the Basestar, Gaius Baltar is seriously injured and is almost left to die after he confessed to Roslin giving the access codes to the Cylons, allowing them to wipe out humanity. The Resurrection Hub is nuked, D'Anna brought to Roslin, and the Basestar jumps away, only to find Adama waiting for them in a Raptor. As the episode 9 of Battlestar Galactica 4 comes to an end, Laura Roslin tells Adama that she loves him. His response? "(Hell, it's about time!") [TOP]

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Episode 10: Revelations
D'Anna promised to tell Roslin the identities of the Final Five, but only if she takes her back to Galactica, as insurance, her being the last of her line... we meant kind. Back in the fleet, D'Anna threatens that she will hold everyone hostages until the Final Four are brought to her ship. He also states that the fifth Cylon is not in the fleet. Adama is afraid that the Final Four would reveal the location of the Earth to the Cylons, so he's determined to destroy the Basestar if it came to that, even if Roslin is on board. In this episode of Battlestar Galactica, when D'Anna executes a nameless hostage, Colonel Tigh finally confesses to Adama that he's a Cylon, knowing that Number Three will back off if Bill threatens to toss him out an airlock.

Things get worse with D'Anna thinking on attacking the Battlestar Galactica, and Lee Adama preparing to flush Tigh out the airlock. Meanwhile, Starbuck discovers that her ship holds the way to Earth (by picking up an emergency distress signal). Eventually, the fleet and the Cylons head to Earth together. The mid-season Finale of Battlestar Galactica ends with people and Cylons on the surface of a nuked planet known as Earth. We bet everyone thought that Battlestar Galactica will come to an end at the very moment they find the beautiful, overcrowded Earth. Well, guess again, and this time, try harder! [TOP]

Episode 11: Sometimes a Great Notion
The humans and Cylons joined forces to find Earth, but the celebration was short-lived, as they discovered the planet is a desolate wasteland. Everyone is deeply depressed in this episode of Battlestar Galactica. D'Anna and Number Six find a Centurion head while digging in a pit of human bones, but it's not one of theirs, it's a different model. Roslin thinks that the 13th tribe created their own Cylons and the robots rose up and destroyed them. However, Roslin disagrees, because the bones they found weren't human, they were all Cylon.

After one last date with Lee Adama, realizing she's got nothing to hold on to, Dualla shots herself in the head. Now must be one of those moments where we stare in disbelief asking "What the frak?". After Billy died and after she splits with Lee, all Dualla had is to get to Earth. The job doesn't mean anything; there's no career, it's just getting through the next day. When she finally got to Earth and it turned out to be nothing, she felt like this is it, she's done.

lost battlestar galactica

The Admiral starts a fight with Tigh, wanting the Colonel to shot him, but his Cylon friend sees behind his anger. It's all about finding something to hold on to now... Back on Earth, Starbuck is shocked to find herself dead, in the same Viper she flew back to Galactica, and remembers about the Hybrid calling her the 'harbinger of death'. Kara Thrace burns her body and then returns to Battlestar Galactica. On the surface, the Final Four have memories 2000 years old and realize they all lived on Earth. Tigh remembers how she lost his wife, Ellen. Right before the nuclear blast, she promises they will be reborn together which automatically translates into her being the Fifth. [TOP]

Episode 12: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
The fleet abandons Earth and Commander Adama decides not to tell everyone that the 13th tribe wasn't human but Cylon. However, the people are concerned over a Cylon being second-in-command (Tigh) and Adama's plans to form a permanent alliance with the Cylons in their fleet. Tyrol's kid gets sick and so he finds out that he's not the father. Roslin is refusing her cancer treatment, moving away from the office and stop carrying about the silly prophecy of a dying leader in this episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Ships within the fleet decide not to allow the Cylons on board to upgrade their FTLs. Even more, the Tillium ship jumps away, taking the fleet's fuel with it. Zarek is arrested for encouraging the mutiny, the Tillium ships is brought back, and Gaeta plans a anti-Cylon revolution, with Zarek in command. The writers seem to have decided that the series should focus, from now on, almost exclusively on the emotional fallout from the fleet's discovery that Earth was a radioactive cinder. [TOP]

Episode 13: The Oath
In this episode of Battlestar Galactica Gaeta leads a mutiny to relieve Admiral Adama of his command. Needless to say, he doesn't want to go quietly. The ships in the fleet are still refusing to allow Cylons on board to install the new jump drives, so Adama asks Tigh to arrest those in the Quorum who won't comply. Gaeta uses his many connections to sneak Zarek off the Battlestar Galactica then returns to CIC to cover his tracks and keep Adama occupied while *his* revolution unfolds. A fake fire on Galactica allows a group of revolutionary civilians to get guns from the armory. Lee boards Galactica, is attacked and saved on time by Kara Thrace. Together, they shoot their way through the Galactica, trying to reach the Admiral Adama, currently under arrest with Colonel Tigh, under the charge of treason.

Adama swears that everyone involved in the revolution will be punished (learn more about Adama's personality). On their way to the brig, the two old friends beat the crap out of their guards, and then meet up with Lee and Kara. Aware of the fact that Bill might be in danger, President Laura Roslin wakes up from her self-pity and notifies the fleet that there's a mutiny going on on board the Battlestar Galactica. Adama and Tigh stay behind to fight the revolutionaries, while Roslin and Roslin escape on a Raptor. This might as well be Adama's last stand... [TOP]

Episode 14: Blood on the Scales
Adama and Tigh are captured by the revolutionaries; the Quorum refuses to accept a crippled man (Gaeta) as the new commander of the fleet, so Zarek kills them all. Lee and Starbuck are still on board the Battlestar Galactica and forces their way to the CIC. Anders gets shot in the neck, while Gaeta orders an execution team to assemble in the airlock, but Lee and Tigh arrive in time to save the old man.

From on board the Basestar, Roslin demands that control of the fleet is to be given back to Adama immediately. When Gaeta answers that the Admiral and Colonel Tigh are both dead and ask Roslin to surrender, she gives back a memorable reply, which we really need to write it down:

"Not now, not ever. I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have, down to my own eyeteeth, to end you. I swear it, I'm coming for all of you!"

The Galactica is preparing to jump away, but fortunately Tyrol gets to the FTL drive and disables it. Admiral Adama regains control of the ship and calls up Roslin to stop her. In the end of episode 14 from Battlestar Galactica, Gaeta and Zarek are both executed by the firing squad in the airlock. Who would think that a communications officer had such amount of power in his hands to overrun Adama's control over the fleet? Our guess is that losing hope and purpose in life does that to you sometimes... [TOP]

Episode 15: No Exit
This episode of Battlestar Galactica starts with the tagline: "All this has happened before and it will happen again." After Ellen dies on New Caprica she wakes up in a resurrection pod. This was happening twelve months ago. Apparently she and the other Four created the seven skin jobs with the help of the Centurions. Anders fills his friends with their true purpose: they were working in a research facility on Earth to recreate the resurrection technology. They succeeded and downloaded in new bodies when the Centurions they created attacked and destroyed Earth.

The Final Five traveled at regular speed across the galaxy to find the original 12 tribes and warn them about the dangers of creating Centurions, but when they arrived, the first war had already begun. The Centurions were working on creating skin jobs, but only succeeded with the Hybrid. So the Final Five made a deal to show them how to create skin jobs if they left, hence the 40 years gap. Anders says that they created eight skin job models and, when questioned by Starbuck, he says that Number Seven is dead, and that his named was Daniel. After this, Anders gets operated against his will, which results in permanent loose of his memories.

Upon the destruction of the Resurrection Hub, four months ago, Calvin demands that Ellen help him recreate the resurrection technology, but she says no, because all Final Five must work together in order to achieve this. Back on the Battlestar Galactica Lee and Roslin work in reasembling the Quorum, while Adama invites the Cylons on board to try an fix the newly discovered cracks in the ship's hull. On board the Basestar, Calvin plans on torturing Ellen to get his answers, but Boomer helps her flee and jumps away in the end of episode 15 from Battlestar Galactica.

Cavil was the first skin job created, but he didn't accept the love and one true God that the Final Five tried to instill in him. So he killed the Final Five and stopped them from accessing their memories during their download. [TOP]

Episode 16: Deadlock
At the beginning of this episode of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica Six gets into a fight with some civilians who harass her and wins. Boomer brings on board the Galactica the same old Ellen Tigh, cracking jokes and a wanting alcohol, thus everyone learns about the Calvin's intention to rebuild the resurrection technology. Ellen gets upset because Tigh will have a baby with Caprica Six, Six being practically their child.

The Cylons wants to leave the Battlestar Galactica to its fate, return to the Basestar, and jump away, while Tigh says he will stay with Admiral Adama, which proves Ellen's point that Saul loves Bill more than everything else, even his own unborn child. Caprica Six gets sick and looses her baby shortly, leaving Hera the only Cylon offspring. [TOP]

Episode 17: Someone to Watch over Me
The episode starts with Starbuck following her daily routine and filling the pilots about their current mission, which is the same as the week before, which was the same as the week before that. Clearly almost everyone on board the Battlestar Galactica lost hope, after that unfortunate encounter with the irradiated Earth. Starbuck makes friends with a piano player at the bar, and reveals to him some aspects from her childhood, also her deepest secret: finding herself dead on Earth.

The two of them work on finishing a composition based on a Hera painting, which eventually leads to All along the Watchtower theme, the Cylon trigger. What's weird is that Starbuck remembers her father teaching her that song in childhood. So, knowing that Daniel, the Number Seven, was artistic, that Starbuck's dad suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, and that she found her dead body, we can safely assume that Starbuck is half-Cylon, half-human.

Tyrol learns that the Cylons want to execute Boomer for treason, because she sided with Calvin in the Cylon Civil War. After desperately trying to convince the Final Five to ask their children to spare Boomer, he also begs Roslin not to sign the release form. Receiving no favorable answer from both sides, Tyrol decided to sneak out Boomer from the brig by himself. Boomer meets Athena and beats her up, and then she's having hot sex with Helo, under Athena's eyes. After that, she rushes to pickup Hera from the daycare, and then takes off from Battlestar Galactica, putting the lives of all on board in jeopardy, due to her close jump. In the final moments of this episode of Battlestar Galactica, Tyrol learns that Boomer kidnapped Hera and freaks out. [TOP]

Episode 18: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Boomer bringing Ellen on board the Galactica was Calvin's plan all along, as he was actually after Hera, the half-human, half-Cylon child. Battlestar Galactica continues to fall apart and more than 60 technicians, both humans and Cylons, are killed when a rift opens into the hull. Lee Adama notifies the Quorum about the plan to move all military operations to the Basestar, as the Galactica fails. Roslin advises Adama to let go of her other lady, because they are both dying. The Admiral orders Battlestar Galactica to be evacuated, as they're abandoning ship.

Starbuck proves us once again what a classy lady she is in the men's room, telling Roslin the truth about her, and then asking him to do some research. tower defense game turret wars Later at the funeral for the dead technicians, Gaius tells everyone about Kara Thrace, freaking them out. The Cylons hooked up Helo to the Hybrid mainframe in an attempt to 'reboot' him. While connected, Helo controls most of Galactica's systems, including the jump drive, so Tigh demands that he'd be shut down. Kara Thrace tries to shut him down for good, but Helo wakes up in time with a new... command. In the end of this episode of Battlestar Galactica, Boomer arrives at the Cylon Colony and Hera is taken away. [TOP]

Episodes 19 & 20
For the last episodes see Battlestar Galactica Finale »