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The most beautiful women in the world, according to some

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Jennifer Lopez: From the block to the most beautiful woman in the world

Jennifer Lopez has recently won the title of "The Most Beautiful Woman in The World" from People magazine, beating both Beyonce Knowles and .

Lopez has been nominated by People 11 times before, but this year she finally got it! Although Jenny doesn't feel she deserves the title, she declared: "I feel happy and proud. Proud that I'm not 25!" Congrats J.Lo!

Even if Jennifer always worked hard to look sexy, she admits that she's never been a person who has "what they call diva behavior". Riiight...

Jennifer Lopez has a new album coming out next month, called "Love", and - you probably already know it by now - her current hit single "On the Floor", which has been topping charts lately. There's this wallpaper of Jennifer Lopez's On the Floor below for you to download. The music video is a great Lambada remix by the way. Search it on YouTube.

Jennifer Lopez Facts

Q: Where is Jennifer Lopez from?
A: Why, J.Lo is from the block, of course! Leaving the obvious joke aside, Lopez was born on July 24, 1969, in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. So, Jennifer is from Bronx and she's the middle of three daughters.

Q: How Old is Jennifer Lopez?
A: At the present date (2011), the singer, actress and charming "American Idol" judge, is... 41 years old! Well, now that we're in 2012, she's 42.

Q: How Tall is Jennifer Lopez?
A: There's contradictory information on the Web about how tall is Jennifer Lopez, but our best guess is 5'5".

jennifer lopez desktop wallpaper

Q: Jennifer Lopez's Waist Size?
A: Jennifer Lopez's waist size is 23, her hips are 36 and her bust is 32. These measurements were taken from the dress Jennifer wore recently at the Golden Globes.

Q: Is Jennifer Lopez Butt Insured?
A: Rumors say that her butt is insured for 1 billion dollars, but Jennifer Lopez slike always laughed at them. In the end, you never know...

Q: Who Was Jennifer Lopez First Husband?
A: Jennifer Lopez first husband was Ojani Noa. He married Jennifer in 1997 and their marriage lasted less than a year. In 2006, Noa was hauled into court after attempting to write a book about their intimate relationship. Noah asked Lopez to pay him $5 million to not publish his book. Instead J.Lo sued him for $10 mil.

Q: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?
A: That's not a question! Anyway, Lopez's love affair with actor Ben Affleck started in 2002 and attracted worldwide media attention on them. Ben Affleck confessed that he "felt suffocated, miserable and gross" and no longer in control of his life.

Jennifer Lopez slike was convinced that her high-profile engagement to Ben was destined to fail, insisting that no couple could have survived the fanatical media attention they endured. The couple eventually broke up in early 2004.

Movies Jennifer Lopez Starred In

Jennifer Lopez's first serious role in a movie was in Latino melodrama "My Family" from 1995, following years of training in television. Her first *leading* role however was in the biographical film called "Selena" from 1997, for which she earned an ALMA Award. She earned her second ALMA Award for her performance in "Out of Sight" 1998, where she was chasing after George Clooney's character, a bank robber.

Since then, Jennifer Lopez slike starred in various films, such as "The Wedding Planner" (2001), "Maid in Manhattan" (2002), "Shall We Dance?" (2004), "Monster-in-Law" (2005), and "The Back-up Plan" (2010).

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Movie
jennifer lopez green dress

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez did a movie in 2006. The movie is rated 5 on iMDB, so I guess I won't be watching it any time soon. If you're curios, it's the life story of Hector Lavoe, the guy who started the salsa movement in the 70s and brought it to the US.

Lopez is presently married to Latin singer Marc Anthony, with whom she has twins (Max and Emme).

Jennifer Lopez Latest Movie

Jennifer Lopez latest movie is called "The Back-up Plan" and it's about a woman who chooses boldly artificial insemination in the same day he accidentally meets the man of her dreams on the same day, in a cab. LoL!

Although the story seems depicted from a soap opera and the movie is rated 5 on iMDB, I'm going to watch it soon, because it looks like a really fun romance. Besides, there's also a good amount of Jennifer Lopez clothing in it.

Oh, and in case you're wondering who designed Jennifer Lopez's sweater in the The Back-up Plan, it's Missoni. Look it up on Amazon. The sweater's approx. retail value is $850. Also, Jennifer Lopez's green dress is a Versace and she wore it to the 2000 Grammy's. Click the picture above for a larger view. That's all for Jennifer Lopez clothing.

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