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What is Cosplay?

Most people have heard of the term "cosplay." but they aren't sure exactly what it means, so they naturally have the question, "What is cosplay?" Cosplay is a recent (approximately 50 years old) modern and innovative movement in the field of creative genius and it's simply the shortened term for "costume play." Cosplayers choose their favorite characters from TV shows, books, video games, comics, Japanese pop & rock, science fiction and the most popular characters for cosplay are those of anime or manga.

Cosplayers will buy or craft their costumes and then portray the appearance, body language and mannerisms of their chosen character as closely as possible. They try to actually "become" their character. Cosplay is often considered performance art with the costumes and role playing that takes place and others consider it simply a form of art due to the attention to detail that is often achieved in their handmade costumes.

How to Cosplay?

The next question that might be asked is "How to cosplay?" The first step in cosplay is to choose your character like, for instance, Hatsune Miku, Rikku or Yuna from Final Fantasy or simply a Pokemon. The character you choose should be one that you greatly admire and one that you are fairly sure that you can make or buy a costume of. You must also be able to imitate the actions and characteristics of the character you choose to portray.

To be good at cosplay it takes a great deal of time and practice, in order to make your movements as close as possible to those of the actual character. Cosplayers take great pride in their ability to imitate the character they are portraying.

The next thing you must do is to choose your costume. You must also choose or create shoes or wigs for most characters. Some cosplayers choose to "crossplay" or choose the opposite gender of character from their own gender. In such cases they often wear masks which conceal all of their features, as well as wigs. Cosplayers consider handmade costumes to be far superior to costumes that are purchased, although many cosplayers buy costumes that are difficult to replicate, expensive to craft or they have too little time.

The main focus of most cosplayers is to attend conventions (comic-cons) which are held throughout the world. These conventions are very popular and offer various competitions for the cosplayers. Some cosplayers perform small plays or answer questions in these competitions while others merely pose to show off their costumes. Awards are given in the competitions, but many of these awards are given to cosplayers with handmade costumes.

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The other focus of cosplayers is in photographing their character portrayals. In this way they can document their character portrayals and competitions. There are even photographers out there who specialize in Cosplay Photography.

Hopefully, this answers the often asked questions of "What is cosplay?" and "How to cosplay?" and gets you on your way to creating your own costume, for your favorite character, and joying the popular world of cosplay. Good luck!

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