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The Amazing WonderCon

When you travel to Anaheim, California, you fully expect to see adults dressed in costume, although it's usually of the Disney variety. This year for two days in March though, Mickey and Minnie were replaced by superheroes and comic book characters of all shapes and sizes, with Wondercon 2012 bringing out the usual collection of fans.

On the comic book calendar since 1987, Wondercon usually takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, but this year made the switch to the Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The change of venue did nothing to dampen the visitors who came to see what was on tap for the upcoming year in comic books, science fiction and motions pictures.

The coming year looks like being a big one for the convention crowd with The Avengers, Batman, Spiderman and Superman all about to hit the big screen this summer. The 40,000+ folks who attended Wondercon 2012 were treated to some fantastic booths and displays, but it's the panels that really seem to make a big splash every year.

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Two of the most popular panels at this year's event were for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Prometheus. The buzz around the latter in particular has been huge, and fans lined up to hear director Ridley Scott talk about the alleged Alien prequel, as well as to see some exclusive clips. Follow the link for more details...

No convention is complete without a wide array of celebrities from the movies past, present and future and Wondercon 2012 allowed regular fans to rub shoulders with their favorite star, whilst also getting signed pictures and paraphernalia from the movies and TV shows that they loved.

That is always one of the high points of any convention, and it's the reason that many fans make the trip. It's not uncommon to hear about folks traveling cross country just for the opportunity to meet an actor, writer or artist that particularly inspires them.

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Speaking of art, Wondercon 2012 featured a great new addition called "Artists Alley" that allowed artists across numerous genres to showcase their work, sell, and even do live sketches for the attendees. There was also an area set up where would be artists could have their portfolios reviewed by industry giants, and while many dreams may have been crushed during that process, there was also sure to be a few that received the encouragement they needed to continue pursuing their dream of a life in digital art.

Like most convention though, it was the costumes that stole the show at Wondercon 2012. The fun was not necessarily picking out the detailed work that folks put into well-known costumes; it was in being wowed over the effort that folks put into designing a costume for a character that very few people would recognize.

Wondercon 2012 may have hit a different venue, but it was a success in that the passion of the artists met the passion of the fanboys to create a memorable two days in Anaheim.

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