Best Pepper Girls

The hot lady in red was an experiment that turned into a huge success.
In this article: pictures of the enigmatic girl in red.

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Short History of Pepper

While browsing yesterday I came across a hot character simply called Pepper. Nothing unusual about this character, except her perfect lines and lively colors. What's unusual about Pepper is that she has gained lots of fans over time, artists who are drawing their own unique Pepper girls. I quickly became intrigued by this enigmatic girl in red and decided to investigate further...

Apparently, hot Pepper was created by Deviant Art artist called Stanley Lau, aka Artgerm, so that he could experiment with various drawing and illustration styles.

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Important Notice
The artworks displayed on this webpage are copyrighted and the property of their respective owners. DO NOT, under any circumstances, download these images and use them somewhere else on the Web. I have personally contacted the authors and asked for their permissions to display their artworks here. You are not allowed to use these pictures!

The Pepper Project allows artists to create their own Peppers and submit their works for a chance to be featured in the Pepper Project Art Book. Below, you will find an amazing collection (best pics) of Pepper inspired artwork from various artists around the world and from its creator as well. Enjoy!

Pepper Art by Stanley Lau aka Artgerm

Stanley Lau, also known as "Artgerm" on, is an amazing artist, his work inspiring many young and professional artists around the world. He is, without any doubt, one of the best digital artists living on Earth. Without any further ado, we give you Pepper, for she is hot like pepper!

Pepper girl below: Smile by Stanley Lau, the first of many Peppers
pepper smile by stanley lau

Concept below: The Pepper Project by Stanley Lau
pepper girls

Image below: Pepper Robot Girl by Stanley Lau
pepper girl robot

Pepper girl below: Delivery by Stanley Lau
pepper girl delivery

Picture below: Pepper Freedom by Stanley Lau
pepper freedom by stanley lau

Artwork below: Pepper IFX by Stanley Lau
pepper ifx by stanley lau

Pepper girl below: Groove by Stanley Lau
pepper groove by stanley lau

Artwork below: Pepper Calm by Stanley Lau
pepper calm by stanley lau

Pepper girl below: Portrait by Stanley Lau
pepper portrait by stanley lau

Concept below: Pepper Pitch Battle by Stanley Lau
pepper pitch battle by stanley lau

Picture below: Pepper Flow by Stanley Lau
pepper flow by stanley lau

Pepper Fan Art Created by Other Artists

Now let's have a look at some amazing fan art from other Deviant Art users, shall we?

Concept below: Pepper Sprays by Bram LeeNEW
pepper sprays by bram lee

Image below: Pepper Superstar by Mario WibisonoNEW
pepper superstar by mario wibisono

Picture below: Pepper Gangsta by Rudy SiswantoNEW
pepper gangsta by rudy siswanto

Pepper girls below: Pepper and Mini Wanda by Mercedes Rodrigo
peper and mini wanda by mercedes rodrigo

Artwork below: Pepper and the City by Eduardo Padrino
pepper and the city by eduardo padrino

Image below: Pepper and Wanda by Real Fiduciose
pepper and wanda by real fiduciose

Pepper girls below: Pepper and Wanda by Jana Schirmer
pepper and wanda by jana schirmer

Artwork below: Pepper by the Window by Dimitri Ventouris
pepper by the window by dimitri ventouris

Concept below: Pepper Cowgirl by Liu Yang
pepper cowgirl by liu yang

Picture below: Pepper Retro Junky by Admira Wijaya
pepper retro junky by admira wijaya

Concept below: Pepper Station by Malte Walter
pepper station by malte walter

Image below: Pepper and Wanda by Gonzalo Ordonez Arias
pepper and wanda by gonzalo ordonez arias

Pepper girl below: Morning by Darren Tan
pepper morning by darren tan

Concept below: Pepper Stands Alone by Shahir Shakir
pepper stands alone by shahir shakir

See more drawings by Stanley Lau on DeviantArt.

Isn't Pepper a hot CGI girl? I hope you enjoyed the Pepper Girls. Thanks for watching!

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