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Not Your Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

A aka a "draco serpent" is actually a mythical creature usually represented as a large reptile. It has wings and breaths fire, but in the Warcraft games it can also breathe ice, gas and other nasty stuff. There are even skeleton dragons nowadays!

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Dragons have been around for a long time and are today an endangered species (*sarcasm*). They are first mentioned in the Old English epic Beowulf, which ends with our hero fighting a dragon. Below you will find this some awesome art of girls with dragons.

Important Notice
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Dragons are known to guard large amounts of gold, which they have collected over the centuries because of, well, boredom. As with all mythological creatures, dragons are ill-tempered and are known to kill people. This killing may really occur for no apparent reasons, although it has usually been attributed to their gold being stolen.

Most of the girls and dragons artworks below were created by a foxy lady named Anne Stokes. Thanks Anne for pushing the dragon fantasy art to its limits!

Dragons and Girls

Lots of hot girls with their dragon pictures for your viewing pleasure. Here be dragons!

  1. Angel with DragonNEW by Anne Stokes
  2. Girl with Blue Dragon by Anne Stokes
  3. Girl with Steampunk Dragon by Ashley Walters
  4. Elegant Dragon by Anne Stokes
  5. Girl with Elegant Dragon by Anne Stokes
  6. The Girl and the Dragon by Elena Dudina
  7. Secret Garden by Anne Stokes
  8. The Perfect Man by Candra
  9. Soul Mates by Anne Stokes
  10. Girl with Dragon Tattoo by Anne Stokes
  11. Winged Companions by Anne Stokes
  12. The Guardian Dragon by Anne Stokes
  13. Girl with Dragon Tattoo by Yigit Koroglu
  14. Friends Forever by Anne Stokes
  15. Fly with Me by Henning Ludvigsen
  16. Dragon Rider by Aaron Florento
  17. Copperwing by Anne Stokes
  18. Controller by Anne Stokes
  19. Dragon Mage by Kerembeyit
  20. Black Blade Blues by Dan Dos Santos
  21. Dragon Reflection by Anne Stokes

To find out more Anne Stokes, visit her website. Amazing dragon fantasy art, wouldn't you agree? I hope you enjoy watching these beautiful artworks of Girls and Dragons.

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