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Milow and Skyla versions of the Ayo Technology song

In this article: Are you tired of using technology? Then join the Ayo Revolution!

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Tired of Using Technology?

The Ayo Technology song by (28, real name: Jonathon Vandenbroeck), was released in 2008 and topped the charts in Belgium and The Netherlands, setting his career in motion.

Milow's take on the original Ayo Technology song by 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake, was so good that it received a personal appraisal from American rapper and producer Kanye West. Milow Ayo Technology lyrics can be found below. Please scroll the page down...

Another take on the famous Ayo Technology song belongs to a girl name Skyla, a beautiful and talented young singer. You can watch below both Milow and Skyla music videos of the Ayo Technology. Enjoy!

Milow Ayo Technology Meaning

Milow's "Ayo Technology" music video centers on a woman who is, apparently, bathed in gold. She wears a b!kini and dances sensually while Milow is sitting in a chair, playing his guitar and singing his .

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 Enjoy the Milow Ayo Technology Video!

Milow has an indifferent attitude and he's watching the h0t girl while continuing singing. Later on in the video, an entire group of girls appear all wearing tempting black b!kinis and ling3rie. Milow continues to watch as he plays. He doesn't give a sh$t...

All the girls crawl toward him and... honey starts covering Milow's head, also coming out of his mouth. The girls reach him and start l!cking it off of Milow. They crowd around Milow and eventually they leave him lying on the floor, covered in sweet honey. Finally, the girl in gold crawls toward him, but he does not respond to her. So what do you think it's the meaning of this video?

Milow Ayo Technology Girl

You're probably wondering who is the girl bathed in gold from Milow's Ayo Technology.

Well, the gold girl or "Queen Bee" if you like is Jen Vandermeersch. There isn't much information on her, except that she's from Belgium. The other girls that appear in the video are "The DeVilles Harem Girls".

Skyla Ayo Technology Remix

Ayo Technology is Skyla's follow up of the debut single "Summer Love" (a dance floor hit). Skyla, aka Lucy Batty, is not at her first attempt of this kind: her remix on the High School Musical classic "Breaking Free" also had a huge success.

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 Skyla Ayo Technology Video - A smoking hot remix of Ayo Technology!

Skyla was already really good at playing the piano by the age of 8 and she wrote her first song at 12. Following in the footsteps of famous singers such as Cascada, Skyla is set to become a huge pop star. In the shortest amount of time, she became the brightest new face of Clubland, the influential clubbing brand. Skyla consistently wowed fans at "Clubland Live" events in Majorca and Ibiza with her talent, voice and looks.

The Ayo Technology Remix is her biggest success to date. The track is inviting its listeners to the dance floor without losing any of the original lyrics we are already familiar with, tanks to Milow. Through Ayo Technology lyrics, Skyla aknowledges her connection to social networks but, at the same time, she dreams of meeting her perfect man in the flesh. Like Milow, Skyla had her share of technology and now wants to break free.

The music video for "Ayo Technology" entitles Skyla with a fanatical crowd of Clubland worshipers. Sexy beyound doubt and with stunning looks, Skyla surfs the Internet before hitting the beach for some real life entertainment.

Flirting in the sunlight with muscular surfers, she even jumps on a surf board as she tries to connect with that one special guy. The myriad of clubbers that hit the beaches and dance floors everywhere will have this one special song endlessly on repeat. Without any doubt, Skyla is on her way to achieving big things on the dance music scene!

Ayo Technology Lyrics

Below you will find the lyrics to Ayo Technology:

ayo technology lyrics She work it girl, she work the pole,
She break it down, she take it low,
She's fine as hell, she's about the dough
Doing her thing right on the floor.
Her money money, she makin',
Got the way she shakin',
Make you want to touch her,
You wanna' taste her,
Have you lustin' for her.
Go crazy, face it.

She's so much more than you're used to,
Know's just how to move to seduce you,
She's gone do the right thing, touch the right spot,
Dance in you're lap 'till you're ready to pop.

She's always ready, when you want it she want it,
Like a nympho, the info,
Show you where to meet her.
On the late night, 'till daylight, the club jumpin'
If you want a good time...
She's gone give you what you want.

Baby it's a new age,
You like my new craze,
Let's get together,
Maybe we can start a new phase.
The smokes got the club all hazy,
Spotlights don't do you justice baby.
Why don't you come over here?
You got me saying:

I'm tired of using technology,
Why don't you sit down on top of me?
I'm tired of using technology
I need you right in front... of me.

In her fantasy, it's plain to see
just how it be, on me,
backstrokin', sweat soaking,
all into my set sheets.
When she ready to ride, I'm ready to roll,
I'll be in this bitch 'till the club close
What should I do, on all fours,
Now that that shit should be against the law?
Different style, different move,
Damn I like the way you move...
Girl you got me thinking about
all the things I'd do to you.
Let's get it poppin' shorty,
we can switch positions,
from the couch to the counters of my kitchen.


Ooh, she wants it, ooh, she wants it,
Hmm, she wants it, I got to give it to heeeer.
She wants it, hmm, she wants it,
Hmm, she wants it, I got to give it to heeeer.
I got to give it to heeeer...


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