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Horrible videogame advertising: Call of Roma invites you to... a Roman 0rgy. Say what?!

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I know most MMO ads are aimed for male players, but this is too much!

One Click for a Roman 0rgy. What?!

Am I the only one that finds these Call of Roma ads inappropriate? The history repeats itself as we are taught a very important lesson: you can't unsee things no matter how much you want to! It started with Evony and their displaying a sword pointed at the queen's cleavage, her eyes pleadingly at you for help. What the hell...?!

Their ", spam the world" dubious marketing annoyed a lot of people and shortly they became famous. Although it was mostly negative publicity, it was publicity nevertheless. Remember Rebecca Black's Friday?

If Evony was promoting a "Play discreetly now!" online campaign, the Call of Roma ads speak of a full-scale Roman 0rgy just clicks away. Yes, you read that right, an 0rgy. Why Google approved those clearly offensive Call of Roma ads to appear everywhere on the Internet?

The irony with the Evony ads was that, in reality, there was no queen to be saved in the game; it was all just a clever marketing move. And to push things even further, the later Evony ads didn't even had the Evony logo on them, just the words "Play Now!"

Call of Roma Ads Feel a Lot Like Evony's

Out of curiosity, I went to Call of Roma's website to see if this is a game owned by Evony, as I first suspected. Well, it's not. Because they don't event display the company under whom the games runs and also because Call of Roma has a similar look and feel to Caesary Online, I figured it's just a clone with a different name. And I was right...

When YuanFend Lu left Evony, he took source codes, graphics and other copyrighted material with him and used them to release his own game, Caesary, which had a huge success, even if eventually the servers were shut down due to legal issues with Evony.

call of roma ads

So, there you have, the connection between Call of Roma and Caesary is... they are one and the same game with different names -- a well known scheme of the infringers. To Lu, Caesary is an inexhaustible treasure chest, so he will not suddenly give up on all accounts; on the contrary, he's willing to risk new legal proceedings.

From the Call of Roma ads it's hard to find out anything about the game. It you click on them, you are taken to their site, where, again, there's nothing about the game; no screenshots. You'll just have to register to find out how to get into that Roman 0rgy. However, rest assured; it's just another browser-based game similar to Evony.

Now, I am just going to log in into my AdSense account and block these Call of Roma ads. Not only they are inappropriate, but they could get someone fired for viewing adult c0ntent while working. Rome official is now shut down. Also, I'm not doing them the favor of linking the game, so Google it if you're really into Roman 0rgies. Just know that there's no such thing in the game; it's simply... dirty marketing by yours trully, YuanFend Lu.

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