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Do you like listening to pop music? Then check out "Top of the World", the new video from The Cataracs featuring the lovely Dev or watch the 2ne1's "Don't Stop The Music" video. By all means, don't make the mistake of watching "Friday" by Rebecca Black, unless you want to lose a few brain cells; we only care about entertain you online, not bore you online, but it's your choice.

Are you tired of using technology? Then join the revolution with Milow and Skyla!

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After the revolution, we continue with the luckiest people on Earth. After that, learn how to have a lucid dream, watch hot chicks fighting with lightsabers or meet the bad girls. How do you feel about girls with six pack abs? How do you feel about the possibility of a nuclear war? Check out post apocalypse stories and how to survive the apocalypse.

Dreams of flying have captivated our imagination since the beginning of time. Today, wingsuit base jumping turned those deams into reality. Hey, how many "guy walks into a bar" jokes do you know, anyway? Interested in the history of the corset?

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sexy blood elf Call of Roma Ads
Horrible videogame advertising: Call of Roma invites you to...

carnival girl Brazilian Samba Schools
Rio Carnival is about love, samba music and people.

time The Year I Was Born
Have U ever asked Urself: What happened the year I was born?

need for speed NFS in Real Life
Watch these unbelievable NFS in real life videos. That's insane!

fashion Transformable Fashion
Genius fashion by Ximena Valero: one dress, many, many styles.

jennifer lopez Jennifer Lopez I'm into You
New smocking hot video feat. Lil Wayne just released!

vampire diaries vs buffy Prince Charles Related to Dracula
Apparently, The Prince of Wales is related to Vlad the Impaler.

twitter birdTweets that Shocked the World
From Bin Laden's death to Facebook acquisition by Google.

angelika vee youtube Angelika Vee (YouTube)
With over 10 mil. views, Angelika is a successful YouTube singer.

jarre michel Jean Michel Jarre in Concert
Jarre offered the people of Monaco one amazing concert.

jewis starHolocaust Remembrance Day
Let us honor the memory of those who died in the Nazi camps.

raptureRapture May 21 2011
I Missed the End of the World. Again! Rapture, reloaded.

motorcyclesLow Speed Motorcycle Riding
Or is it high speed motorcycle riding? This is crazy! (Video).

Britney Spears in Afghanistan
star star star star
Somewhere deep in the heart of Afghanistan, Britney Spears rules. Location: US Marines 266 Rein's base. Watch Britney Spears in Afghanistan Video. go to top

Sexy Corset Girls
star star star star
In the past, women were celebrating their breasts with the aid of corsets. But beauty comes with a price! Check out Corset Girls to find out more. go to top

Proof of Roswell UFO Crash
star star star star
The FBI recently released a top secret document from the 50s that can be considered the final proof of Roswell UFO crash. So Mulder was right after all... go to top

Batrani si Nelinistiti
star star star star
Au innebunit batranii? Nu, sunt doar farse bine puse la punct de Prima TV. Multe din poantele lor sunt de-a dreptul hilare, iar unele sunt surprinzatoare. Urmareste online toate episoadele din Batrani si Nelinistiti, sezonul 1. go to top

Ayo Technology
star star star star
If you're tired of using technology, join the revolution with Milow and Skyla and their Ayo Technology. Hey, the entry is free of charge! go to top

A Guy Walks into a Bar
star star star star
A guy walks into a bar is one of the oldest jokes in the world. We've got some new ones too! And videos - you bring the popcorn... go to top

Wingsuit Base Jumping
star star star star
Wingsuit flying is the real world application to the expression "fly like a bird", except that flyers don't flap their wings. Watch wingsuit flying video to learn more. go to top

Post Apocalypse Survival
star star star star
The threat of nuclear war is a frightening thing to contemplate. Check out post apocalypse stories and how to survive the apocalypse. go to top

Sexy Girls with Abs
star star star star
How do you feel about girls with six pack abs? Enjoy the hottest girls with abs from around the world and decide for yourself. go to top

Sexy Pokemon Cosplay
star star star star
Hot girls dressed up in Pokemon costumes. Pikachu, Misty, Arbok, Bulbasaur and Jessica Nigri cosplay. Have a peek at sexy Pokemon cosplay right now! go to top

Friday by Rebecca Black
star star star star
Everyone is talking about it, sending it to their friends through e-mail or posting it on Twitter or Facebook. Is Friday by Rebecca Black the worst song ever? go to top

Top of The World by The Cataracs
star star star star
I'm your Bonnie, you're my Clyde, I'll be your "ride or die." Check out Top of The World The Cataracs featuring the lovely Dev. New, hot and leaked! go to top

2ne1 Don't Stop the Music
star star star star
The "New Evolution of the 21st Century," aka the "Hip Hop Warriors," are promoting the *Korean Wave* throughout the world with 2ne1 Don't Stop the Music. go to top

Unbelievable Lucky People
star star star star
Did you ever witness an accident so terrifying that you were almost sure there are no survivors? What if there were survivors? Let's meet some lucky people!go to top

How to Have a Lucid Dream
star star star star
Learning how to have lucid dreams it's fun and can help you solve problems, understand abstract concepts or increase your self-confidence. go to top

Chicks with Lightsabers
star star star star
Finally a product worth buying! If Natalie Portman would have played in it, this Lightsaber Duel could have been "the most awesome thing in history". go to top

The Bad Girls Club
star star star star
The Bad Girls Club is an American reality television series following seven women with severe psychological and personality issues, the bad girls... go to top

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