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Nigri is a harcore Anime fan who cosplayed Rikky, Pikachu, Morrigan, etc.
Jessica to new Cosplayers: "Have FUN. If you aren't having fun you are doing it wrong."

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Who is Jessica Nigri?

Jessica Nigri is a hot Cosplayer who likes to get under the skin of various Anime characters, such as Rikku and Pikachu. Born on August 5, 1989 (now 23 years old), Jessica is a popular Cosplayer; it's unlikely you've never seen her before somewhere on the Web. Whenever there is a conversation regarding Cosplay, one quickly associates it with Jessica Nigri.

Jessica is a Cosplayer who "only wants to make friends" and believe me; she has a thousands of male fans all over the world. Nigri has been cosplaying since San Diego Comic-Con 2009 and her first costume was of Pikachu.

Although at the beginning, was more into casual cosplaying, nowadays she's a "professional" Cosplayer -- selling her photos and posters, and doing interviews.

Cosplay? What's that?
In case you don't know what is, well, it's short for "costume play" (cos-play) -- a distinctive form of art, one could say, in which fans perform in custom-made costumes (often created by them) to represent characters from animes, movies, videogames, etc.

Hence, the object of Cosplay is interpretation -- which is a person's attempt to become a character, much as an actor plays a role (in a costume, of course).

Jessica Nigri Gives a Whole New Meaning to Cosplaying

Nigri is a well-known Cosplayer around the world "interpreting" many characters from different Anime and video games. Below are some very hot photos of Jessica Nigri. I personally searched the Web for them, added color correction and adjusted brightness, so you can have an enjoyable experience. Let's get started then, shall we?

Recent Jessica Nigri Cosplay:

  1. Nigri at Phoenix ComiCon 2012 by Jessica
  2. Jessica Nigri Baby Doll by Jessica
  3. Jessica Nigri Pokemon Cosplay by Esperino Hangie (see also: Sexy Pokemon Cosplay)
  4. Jessica Nigri WonderCon Pokemon by Joits
  5. Nigri Lollipop Chainsaw by Jessica
  6. Knightingail's Eloa Cosplay by Jessica
  7. Jessica Nigri as Juliet by Desert Bug

More Jessica Nigri Cosplay:

  1. Jessica Nigri Mortal Kombat
  2. Jessica Nigri Eloa Cosplay
  3. Jessica Nigri Face of Juliet
  4. Nigri Jessica Natural Cosplay
  5. Jessica Nigri Yoko Cosplay
  6. Jessica Nigri Zombie Cosplay

Jessica Nigri Costumes

Following are the hottest Jessica Nigri Cosplay costumes I stumbled across the Web. Apparently, Jessica knows her trade. If you're asking me, she can be easily called the " of Cosplayers." Well done, Pikachu!

Hot Jessica Nigri:

  1. Jessica Nigri Morrigan Cosplay
  2. Jessica Nigri Pikachu Cosplay
  3. Nigri Jessica Starwars Cosplay
  4. Hot Jessica Nigri Cosplay
  5. Nigri Jessica Fluttershy Cosplay
  6. Jessica Nigri Videogame Cosplay

Did you know? Nigri is obsessed with Manga, Comics, gaming and Anime. She's from New Zeeland and presently she lives in Phoenix, Arizona, going to a Journalism school.

ultimate cosplay girl best cosplay girl ultimate cosplay girl

To Jessica Cosplay means "friendship," it means finding other people who totally dig the stuff you're into. Nigri has her own Facebook fan page -- where she can get up to 3,000 "Likes" for almost any photo she publishes on the popular platform. Impressive!

Even More Jessica Nigri Cosplay!

  1. Jessica Nigri Comic Book Cosplay
  2. Jessica Nigri Sexy Pokemon
  3. Nigri Jessica Demoness Cosplay
  4. Jessica Nigri Rikku Cosplay

I hope you enjoyed watching the pictures of hot Jessica Nigri as much as I enjoyed searching and sorting them out. Sorry, no naked Jessica Nigri for you guys! And Jessica, if you're reading this, maybe you'll do a Hatsune Miku Cosplay for us, uh? What do you say?

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