Justin Bieber is Dead

. How did this happened?!?

In this article: in a CSI episode, Justin Bieber is shot dead

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Is Justin Bieber Really Dead?

Apparently, Justin Bieber died in a fire exchange with the police -- or at least that happened to the character he plays in the forensic drama CSI.

The writers of the show did what millions have imagined since the teen idol hit the scene and wrote a story that ends with Bieber being shot to death. Literally!

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 Justin Bieber Died, in this episode of CSI anyway.

Bieber being shot will hopefully prevent his character from returning to the show and also gived us something with which to create countless humorous videos about ALL the possible causes of death of this amazingly talented (say what?!) singer.

Incredibly, CSI finally delivered some justice serving for more than just telling stupid stories to entertain people over 45, who think they are watching a documentary about how easy it is to catch criminals. Because it really isn't that easy!

Either way, CSI has my eternal gratitude. is dead, long live Justin Bieber!

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Justin Bieber is Dead.

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