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Realistic Pokemon Pokeballs

Usually when someone has an obsession with the Pokemons, they are likely to focus on the (more or less cute) pets. Not this time! Today I've found a guy who's more interested in the Pokemons' dwellings rather than the creatures themselves.

Deviant artist Barry Wazzy created an awesome collection of realistic Pokemon Pokeballs, which I think are a mix of real objects and computer graphics (3D renderings). And believe me, this is more than just your usual red and white pokeballs! As you're about to see, Barry turned the Pokemon pokeballs into a state-of-the-art gallery of gold pokeballs.

What Is a Pokeball

A Pokeball ("monster ball" in Japanese) is a special ball that is needed for a Trainer's quest and it's used for catching and storing a Pokemon. Not more than six Pokemons can be carried at any time with a Trainer, in the so-called "pokeballs," attached usually to Trainer's belt. Additional pokeballs can be held in a bag for use in the future. The thing is, some Pokemons really hate to be carried around in pokeballs, e.g. Pikachu.

The power of a pokeball is determined by how much it boosts a wild Pokemon's catch rate and may fluctuate a lot, depending on the circumstances of a battle. At the same time, pokeballs limit the strength of Pokemons stored inside, taming them. Although it is well know that the pokeballs cannot force the Pokemons inside to always obey their master.

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Pokemons were once referred to as magical creatures, before the pokeballs were invented. The name Pokemon is actually short for "poket monster," and was largely used after these devices were introduced. A regular pokeball features a red top, white bottom, and a black ring going around the ball. In the middle of the pokeball there is a small button which can be pushed to release or recall a Pokemon. Pokeballs cannot be used to catch Pokemons owned by other trainers (already caught Pokemons).

Check out the best pokeballs pictures from Barry Wazzy gallery:

Pokemon Pokeballs
  1. A Regular Pokeball
  2. Blue Pokeball of Mewtwo
  3. Gold Pokeball of Pikachu
  4. Pokeball of Ivysaur
  5. Gold Pokeball of Jolteon
  6. Pokeball of Espeon
  7. Blue Pokeball of Vaporeon
  8. Gold Pokeball of Eevee
  9. Pokeball of Celebi
  10. Blue Pokeball of Tentacruel
  11. Pokeball of Snorlax
  12. Blue Pokeball of Glaceon
Other Pokeballs
  1. Pokeball of Naruto
  2. Pokeball of Spiderman
  3. Pokeball of Amaterasu (Naruto)
  4. The Hunger Games Pokeball

Pokeball List
  1. The Original Pokeball Variants

I hope you enjoyed the realistic pictures of Pokemon Pokeballs. Cheers!

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