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The FBI recently released proof of Roswell UFO crash; Mulder was right after all.

The "Roswell Incident" is the most well known UFO crash in history. It happened at Roswell, New Mexico in early July, 1947.

Unless you lived under a rock, you have heard of the Roswell UFO crash that has remained a controversy until this day. There is no question that *something* crashed to the ground that mysterious night, but was it really an alien UFO?

The debris from the crash was first discovered by the local ranch manager William W. "Mac" Brazel and was quickly recovered by the 509th Bomb Wing, the only atomic bomb group in existence at the time, with Major Jesse Marcel in command.

On July 8th, the newspaper "Roswell Daily Record" was announcing that "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region". There was also an official press release stating that debris from some kind of flying saucer had been recovered, written by Lt. Walter Haut. When the Air Force announced that they had a flying saucer in their possession, the news spread fast around the globe. However, that press release was shortly retracted and replaced by another one stating that the crash was only that of a weather balloon.

the roswell incident

After his death in 2005, Lt. Haut supposedly left behind an affidavit (a written statement of evidence) about the truth behind the Roswell UFO crash. Walter claimed that the crash was indeed an alien UFO. He also confessed that he had seen a couple of aliens in the hangar where the UFO was stored; they were about 4 feet and had large heads.

After the Roswell Crash

Months following the Roswell UFO crash, the military scoured the Texas land for every shred of debris and evidence they could find. The aliens that were recovered from the Roswell crash site were supposedly dead and transported to the infamous Area 51 for autopsies. No one knew what really happened that night in Roswell... Until now!

A classified FBI document that was recently released to the public confirmed that flying saucers piloted by aliens did crash on Roswell! The X-file refers to three circular-shaped spaceships, approximately 50 feet in diameter, each containing three aliens. I guess the Roswell UFO crash conspiracy had some truth to it after all.

proof of roswell ufo crash
Proof of Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico

The Roswell UFO crash was described by an agent named Guy Hottel in a 1950 memo sent to the FBI's director, with the subject line: "Flying Saucers." The memo was made available by the bureau in a new online resource called "The Vault" and can be verified for credibility. So Mulder was right after all; the truth is out there.

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