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ALIENS return to PC. So pickup that Pulse Rifle and stay sharp Marine!

You can't exactly call me a fan, but I must admit that ALIEN is one heck of a horror series.

There's just something about the mix of gore and suspense that gave the original movie (1979) that never-aging quality. Quality. That'll be the topic of this article on Alien Colonial Marines.

We all know it is wise to steer away from any game that is not based on original IP (be it movie-based, novel-based or TV series based). Why is that?

Well, mainly because developers are often rushed through the development process and are forced to release the game early in order to cash in on the movie/novel/TV series.

Video Games Based on IPs

This rush, on pair with the fact that most publishers decide to order the product to be similar to another game (aka rip-off something that proved to sell) instead of allowing the creative teams to have at least some amount of control over the product, results in mediocre, unappealing and bugged pieces of software made for the sole purpose of cashing on the IP (IP stands for "Intellectual Property" - just in case you're wondering).

But are all games based on movies or novels bad? Hell no! There are gems, like the recent Batman series, that are incredibly detailed and polished, but, those are a different kind of beast. These amazing games come out years after the movies they are based on or, alternatively, aren't based on anything and are simply set in the same universe as the IP they're based on.

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 Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough (11 min.) at E3. HD available; switch to 720p.

What About Alien Colonial Marines?

Alien Colonial Marines fits the latter category. It is actually a video game sequel to the original movie (you don't see that every day, do you?) set to be published by SEGA in a little while. SEGA put Gearbox Software in charge of development. From what we've seen so far (which is a bunch of screenshots and an eleven minute gameplay clip) we can clearly deduce that:

  1. The game will have solid, polished graphics.
  2. Alien Colonial Marines will feature a seemingly unintuitive co-op system that will allow your gaming friends to jump in and out of your game.

  3. The game will expand the Aliens universe, something you see rarely see in a game based on licensed IP, introducing new weapons, technologies and, best of all, new types of Aliens.

  4. Alien Colonial Marines will have solid gameplay
    (something that a lot of licensed games lack).

  5. And finally, the game will have a decent story that will please even the most hardcore of ALIEN fans.
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 Aliens: Colonial Marines - Trailer from E3. HD not available; waiting for the official trailer.

All in all, Alien Colonial Marines is worth looking forward to because it's an authentic "Aliens" experience. From what we've seen it may very well be a great game, even though the previous SEGA attempt to cash in on the franchise (the 2010 "Aliens VS Predator" game) didn't exactly revolutionized and was quite mediocre.

Then again - that was a Rebellion Developments title while Alien: Colonial Marines is a Gearbox Software game. Did you enjoy this article? Please take a moment to share the latest ALIEN news with your friends. Feel free to also follow me on Twitter.

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