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Theoretical physics were never so much fun before Half-Life

Dr. Gordon Freeman
Male, 27

Ph.D., MIT, Theoretical Physics

Research Associate, Level 3

Anomalous Materials Laboratory
Black Mesa Research Facility
New Mexico

Who is Gordon Freeman?

Dr Gordon Freeman is a nuclear physicist employed by Black Mesa and he takes part in top secret government sponsored experiments. Freeman and a group of scientists from the mentioned research facility accidentally open a portal into the far reaches of the galaxy, through which aliens will invade our world.

The main protagonist of the Half Life games, Gordon Freeman finds himself dragged into a battle for survival against the aliens and later, against the government, who tries to cover up the Black Mesa Incident.

gordon freeman half life 1

Throughout the game, the untrained theoretical physicist manages to fight his way out of hostile situations despite overwhelming odds. Often, he has no backup, except the occasional security guards.

Freeman never speaks, as a means of further immersing the player in the character's role. There are also no mission briefings, all action being viewed through Gordon's eyes, the player having complete control over Gordon's actions at all times.

What separates Gordon Freeman from other games' heroes is that he is a scientist and thus an unlikely candidate for the hero type, when compared to classic heroes such as Duke Nukem, or modern soldiers such as Master Chief.

In 2009, Dr Gordon Freeman won the title of Greatest Video Game Hero of All Time
by GameSpot, after four weeks of user voting.

Action Figure Gordon Freeman

We've been expecting you, Mr. Freeman... Check this out! An awesome custom Gordon Freeman action figure, hand-crafted by a mysterious guy known only as *Rob*. It's Gordon Freeman ladies and gentlemen, wearing his HEV suit, as always, armed with his trusty crowbar, ready to break some crates.

But hey, here's another action figure of Gordon Freeman made from several G.I. Joe Sigma Six figures by Mike from FireDrakeCreative.com. Rise and shine Mr. Freeman, rise and shine...

Gordon Freeman and Canadas Stonehinge

Gordon Freeman really exists and yes, he's a scientist. Freeman discovered a 5000-year-old "Sun Temple" (a Stone Age calendar) that pre-dates Stonehenge. Actually, Canada's Stonehenge is 2,500 years older than England's Stonehenge! Doctor Freeman, now at his 80s, holds an M.A., a Ph.D. and a D.Phil.. He published over 500 papers on chemistry, physics, and various other subjects.

House is Gordon Freeman

Dr House is Gordon Freeman. What, you don't believe us?
Well, don't take our word for it - check it out yourself!
  1. Proof 1: Gordon Freeman Dr house
  2. Proof 2: House is Freeman
  3. Proof 3: House is Gordon Freeman

Well, still a skeptic?

Large Hadron Collider Gordon Freeman

In 2008, we spotted Gordon Freeman at the Large Hadron Collider. "Gordon, you're needed in the test chamber! If you would be so good as to climb up and start the rotors, we can bring the antimass spectrometer up to 80% and hold it there until the carrier arrives."

The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest and most complex energy particle accelerator. While designed to provide answers for some of the most fundamental questions in physics, a lot of people see it as a device with the capability to create a world-ending black hole. At September 10, 2008, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) successfully fired the first protons in the 27 km (17 miles) tunnel circuit. Fortunately for us, no resonance cascade resulted from the first experiment.

Should we prepare for *unforeseen consequences*, Doctor Freeman? At least if Gordon's there, we know there's someone to take care of a potential alien infestation... Although it's the G-Man that should make us worry!

Gordon Freeman Jokes

Q: Why do the laws of physics obey Gordon Freeman?
A: Because he can use objects to fly through the air.

Q: Why is Gordon Freeman better than Master Chief?
A: He only needs a crowbar to get the job done.

Dr Gordon Freeman doesn't talk much, does he?
Here's why: Alyx and Gordon Freeman.

Gordon Freeman Quotes

"Why don't we have a robot or something to push the sample into the core?
This thing looks kind of dangerous, you know?"

"Yes Barney, I owe you a beer. Or two... I dunno, I just lost count..."

"Xen is creepy, but I enjoy all this jumping so much that it doesn't bother me anymore."

"Alyx, if we don't get out of these harnesses before Dr. Kleiner
kills us both, I want you to know something. I... I love you.
I've always loved you. Oh, look at me, now I'm crying again."

"Wait, Dog, why don't you come with me instead of going home?
Your ability to lift objects that weigh several tons and kill like 50
combine soldiers without taking any damage might come handy."

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  The Black Mesa Incident

Did You Know?
Of course you didn't know! Freeman's thesis was titled:
"Observation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entanglement on Supraquantum Structures by Induction Through Nonlinear Transuranic Crystal of Extremely Long Wavelength Pulse from Mode-Locked Source Array." Whoah...?! In translation, that means teleportation of matter through extremely dense elements. Pretty hard core our Freeman guy...

So, Who is Gordon Freeman?

"Who the hell is Gordon Freeman?! Is everyone supposed to just *know* who this guy is? Maybe he thinks he's so cool and so famous that his picture/caption needs no explanation. Newsflash: I read several different news sources daily, in different media, am well-traveled, well-read, well-educated and I've never heard of the guy." (By Anonymous on Sep 7, 2008).

Thank you for reading. Have a very safe and productive day! ;)

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