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Did you know? Lara Croft got her big breasts due to the work of a designer who increased them by 150% of their original size. Of course, the rest of the team supported the idea.

Interesting Facts about Games

- The first color portable video game system was introduced in 1989.
Was priced at $150 and was called "Atari Lynx."

- In the earliest version of "Donkey Kong" Mario was called Jumpman.
He was a carpenter, not a plumper. LoL!

- The first game ever to have a Easter Egg is "Adventure" for Atari 2600.
You could see names of its creators in a secret room.

- Mario is all time best selling (230 million) game franchise, followed by Pokemon (200).
- Atari comes from the old Japanese game of GO and means "you're about to lose."
- Capcom is the shortened version of "Capsule Computers". LoL!
- While under development, the XBox had the code name "DirectX-Box".
- 3DO was the first game system based entirely on CD technology (in 1993).
- The PlayStation 2 was the first game system to use the DVD technology.

- John Karmac, the programmer of "Quake," worked previously at
Armadillo Aerospace (the company who puts satellites into space).

- By genre, "GTA: San Andreas" is the best selling action-adventure game.
Bungie's "Halo 3" is the best selling FPS ever!

- Half of disk space taken by Oblivion are the dialogues (way too much talking!)

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A Half Life Story
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Myst Adventure Game
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DotA's Lina
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