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Finally, has an official release date: April 30. I'm waiting for this new MMO -- hyped as the first true action MMORPG -- for a long time.

At the beginning of May 2012 I can finally rejoice, download the client and have fun with many European players. Make sure you preorder TERA Online to get access to the Beta BEFORE the launch! Get your Tera Online download right now!

A spectacular title thanks to its advanced graphics engine and its new combat options, TERA Online is breathing new life into the MMORPG genre. A must buy, if you ask me.

TERA is a visually stunning game that surprised with its tremendous quality graphics from the very first videos released on the Web. Because it was developed with "Unreal 3 Engine" and it uses a combat system that will be very entertaining for players like you and me, I strongly believe that TERA will become a new standard for online gaming.

Seth Iorio, the man in charge with TERA Online preorders for Europe said that he's looking forward to this game and stated:

"We're truly excited to announce this release date, and the extra time that has been taken to tweak the game for the European market has truly paid off. Followers of the game and newcomers alike will have an incredibly rich, exciting and polished gameplay experience.

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I said earlier that TERA is "the first true action MMORPG". What does that mean? Well, according to the developers, it means that all the depth of any MMO-quests, crafting, story, PvP, etc. are all successfully combined to make TERA feel like a console action game.

Well, what does that mean?! It means that the developers want to put the "i" in the action: no more running around and eating a sandwich or drinking a potion while taking on a boss; no more relaxed tabbing. From now on, you're at the center of the action, hitting where you aim and dodging in real-time when attacked. In TERA, "skill and substance combine for an entirely new MMORPG experience," the developer promises.

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 TERA Online Trailer - This is a fan-made video! How awesome is that?

Well, I don't know about this new MMORPG experience, but from what I've seen so far in the videos around the Web, I can't wait to get my hands on a Tera Online download! These types of MMORPGs are rare and the waiting is worthwhile. I strongly encourage you to preorder TERA Online right now from Amazon. Game on!

TERA Online
TERA is a visually stunning game that surprised with its tremendous quality graphics from the very first videos released on the Web.

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