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What to expect from the new Transformers game by High Moon Stodios?

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Should we remain faithful to the series and hope for another Revenge of The Fallen?

There's been quite a lot of hype surrounding Transformers Fall of Cybertron as of late. Multiple large gaming sites have already covered the game in some way, shape or form and the occasional article on a gaming forum isn't that rare either.

Quite recently GameInformer announced that the upcoming Transformers game "Fall of Cybertron" will be featured on its cover and that they will provide extensive coverage on the game. The obvious question is "Why would such a big magazine focus an entire issue on an unpromising, mediocre game?"

The New Transfromers Game - A State of Déjà Vu

I browsed several forums to check the opinion of the "average Joe's" of gaming and, unsurprisingly, they have matched mine - nobody gets where all this hype came from. So how is this game sustaining such hype? Stick around and you'll find out!

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 Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Teaser Trailer by High Moon Studios.
 Hint: the Dinobots (specifically Grimlock) will make an appearance in the next Transformers game.

The series made its debut in 2007 with Transformers: The Game, which, for a film-based game, wasn't all that bad (it neither was "all that good," but nobody expects a film-based game to ever be good). GameSpot gave the gave 6/10, stating that "what the game lacked in content, it made up for in lore and half-decent combat".

Two years later we got the sequel: "Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen". Revenge of The Fallen was one of the bigger positive surprises of 2009, getting a 7.5/10 rating from GameSpot. This game was phenomenal! Very few film-based games are as good as Revenge of The Fallen was. It had the sort of polish you expect from a game like "Homefront" or "Medal of Honor," not a licensed game and, as I already said, was enjoyable for most gamers and not just Transformers fans.

Next came "War of Cybertron", a game that was definitely better built that the original, but lack the polish of "Revenge of The Fallen". It was neither good nor it was bad. I remember playing this game at a friend's house and felling - well - felling nothing as the game was boring and generic to the extreme.

And, of course, "Fall of The Moon". This game is the very reason a lot of us gamers are puzzled by the sudden hype surrounding the new Transformers game. Fall of The Moon was both boring, like "War Of Cybertron," and had horrid game mechanics like "Transformers: The Game" and, without a shadow of a doubt, was the worst Transformers game yet. Sure, most movie-based games are a lot worse than "Fall of The Moon," but up to that point we trusted the Transformers series to at least deliver solid game mechanics. Needless to say, "Fall of The Moon" was a big blunder.

Tranformers: Fall of Cybertron OR Tranformers: Fall of The Fans?

Now the question is,
"Should we remain interested in the series and hope for another Revenge of The Fallen, or should we learn from our mistakes and give up on the series completely?"

There is no definite answer to this question. Let's just say that it's a gamble. I want to believe that the new Transformers game will be something spectacular but I doubt it will.

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