Is WoW Dead?

Requiem for A World
Is WoW dead? Blizzard really messed up with Cataclysm - the most boring expansion ever.

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Is Blizzard's World of Warcraft, the best MMO ever made, really on its death bed?

World of WarCraft, which just a couple of years ago was commonly called "the best game ever made", "the revolutionary masterpiece", "a true world inside a game" and, of course, "the never ending epic" is now suffering dramatic decreases in subscriber count - since you can only access the game as a subscriber, the count of active payers equals the whole playerbase of the game.

Tens of thousands of players are quitting the WoW every single day and it won't be long before sustaining this so-called "World" will not be commercially viable any longer and Activision Blizzard will have to pull the plug.

It turns out that the epic will end after all. Who would have guessed? (*sarcasm*)

Is World of Warcraft Really Dead?

I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine back in 2008 when WoW was already quite an old and aging universe. I made a point to state that World of Warcraft will not be able to grow past its current subscriber base simply because:

  1. there are better MMOs on the market;

  2. Blizzard is making horrid, consumer-unfriendly decisions in order to leech more money of its playerbase (paid character transfers, mounts, pets and etcetera).

I was sure that other games such as "Guild Wars" will pick up where WoW left of and continue advancing the genre forward, I said that it is simply impossible for one game to be dominant for over half-decade, I said that WoW will die soon. God, was I wrong!

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About a year after my "predictions" WoW hit a record subscriber count of over 15 million players, which, by comparison, dwarfs the population of most European countries like Estonia, Denmark and Latvia. The game became so abundant in our culture that overhearing the world "Blood Elf" in someone's conversation became as common as overhearing the word "music".

So why did World of Warcraft last as long as it did? Was it that good of a game to begin with? Well, no, it wasn't, WoW had its flaws from the beginning. What kept it alive was the marketing and its abundance (most people I know began playing WoW simply because they were sick of not being "in" when their friends talked about the game). This mix, on par with great expansion packs made the magic that only now began to break.

It took one mistake for the magic seal to break, and that mistake was...
"Cataclysm". Like any other expansion to WoW, Cataclysm was hyped as hell with its main selling point to the general gamer (who is already dead sick of playing the same game for almost a decade) was the fact that it would change up the world and that the players will "experience an entirely new game".

To make a long story short - Cataclysm didn't do that. In fact, "Cata" killed WoW by being the most boring, grind oriented expansion of them all.

Being a hardcore Blizzard fan eagerly waiting for that Diablo 3 release, I find it saddening that WoW is on its death bed but, at the same time, I feel immense relief of knowing that the MMO genre will be free of all of the "WoW clones" and will finally be able to more forward. WoW is dead. R.I.P. World of Warcraft...

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