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Is it possible to learn HTML in just one day? We think so. And here's how you do it...

Learn HTML Online

Bellow, you will find a video which contains all you need to know to get you started on the learning HTML path. Just pay close attention and return here anytime you are in doubt. Creating webpages is something that you can not only be proud of, but it is also an enlighting process that would catapult your communication skills into the 21st century.

Writing HTML "by hand" isn't difficult; we personally think it's easier than learning to use an HTML editor. Why?
  1. Because the HTML editors are often limited in their capabilities or produce bad HTML code which doesn't work on all browsers, making your Website look buggy.

  2. HMTL editors become easier to use when you know how to work with source code.

learn html code So why not learn HTML online to design your webpages exactly the way you want? Gain creative freedom by learning to "code". Literally! You'll see is not really that hard.

WARNING! Anyone can learn HTML!

It just takes practice and time... HTML is the language people use when creating a Website, since the 90s. It provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document - by denoting certain text as links, paragraphs, lists, etc. - and to supplement that text with interactive forms, attached images, and other means. HTML is simply written in the form of TAGS that are surrounded by angle brackets: <>.

Many companies today use the Internet as a means to promote their business to a exponentially growing audience. Why go to the store or market, when you can buy it from the Internet? But that's not the question; the question is how learning html can help you as an individual or as a company?

Here's TOP 5 REASONS why you should learn HTML online:
  1. Get out there! If no one knows about you (or your company) how do you expect to make a profit?

  2. Announce a new service or product to the world wide web! The internet is the most powerful medium in existence. If you have the means to create webpages and communicate to people for any purpose whatsoever, you gained the advantage over those who don't. Our advice? Start learning html online immediately!

  3. An address on the Internet is arguably the most memorable form of advertising. Obviously, people will rather remember Websites than phone numbers. And even if they forget your Website's address, there's always Google, where people can just type in Evolution Vault for example to find your Website.

  4. Maybe you've got information to share; then a Website would be an excellent choice of medium to share it. Get your knowledge on the web! Think of the billions of people out there hunger for information, searching for that something they have interest in. If you can get to them, you have nothing to lose, but to win.

  5. Save money! Learning HTML can save you a lot of money in the long-term. Rather than having to pay a Web Designer to create your site or maintain its content at an expensive price, you can do all the design work, exactly the way you want it. Besides, the free site templates available on the Internet are common and boring. You would want to make the best of your Website, wouldn't you?

Make Money with Your Website
Did you know you can also earn money with your Website? That's right! With AdSense, an advertisement program run by Google, Web owners can enable text and image advertisements on their webpages. These will generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Contextual advertising is actually easy to implement on your Website. Though you do need to know how to open a webpage in Notepad and modify it accordingly. See? One more reason to learn HTML online!

Second step would be to go to: www.google.com/adsense/ and register an account. Don't worry! You'll find more instructions on how to implement ads to webpages once you're in. It won't be long until you will make your own money from your rigorously built Website! We we're mentioning before the second step... Well, first step is to learn HTML online to be able to actually create that Website, of course.

I Watched the Video. What Now?
Thanks for listening to this comprehensive tutorial on learning HTML and thanks to its author, Jimmy Ruska. Remember! It takes practice to learn HTML, so be patient and exercise until you get it right. The page you are reading right now is written in Notepad, following the basic HTML guidelines you are so eager to learn. If I can do it, so can you!

Resources abound to learn HTML online and creating websites. Again, use Google to search for them and you will soon learn that there's tons of good tutorials out there and the majority of them are free. Good luck on your learning!

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Learn HTML Online

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