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Duncan Jones' Moon Movie

A phenomenal indie movie, Moon is Duncan Jones' homage to classic science fiction

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A phenomenal indie man on the moon movie arrived in theaters on June 12th 2009

Sony Picture Classics has released the first trailer for Duncan Jones' Moon, an independent sci-fi film with a promising story, starring Sam Rockwell and using Clint Mansell's beautiful score. First premiered at Sundance earlier this year, the Moon's trailer is a fantastic 2 minute summary of one of the movies you need to have on your Must See list for 2009.

I personally think that Moon is a fascinating film to watch and gave it 3 out of 4, but this movie has a good chance to become a 10. Will the reimagined man on the moon movie prove to be one of those rare gems of the sci-fi genre? I think so. Or maybe it's just the hype surrounding a new title... Check out the trailer below; one of the best trailers I've seen for an indie movie in a while.

 Duncan Jones Man on the Moon beautiful trailer

In this man on the moon movie, Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, an astronaut who works alone in a mining facility on the moon, assisted only by an intelligent computer called GERTY. Sam's job is to send back to Earth parcels of Helium 3, a resource that somehow helped diminish our planet's power problems. Other than Kevin Spacey's voice as the super-computer, Rockwell is *really* the only person in the entire film, which makes things even more interesting.

As Bell is nearing the end of his three years contract with Lunar, things start to go terribly wrong. After a personal encounter with... well... him, and realizing that the company has its own plans for replacing him, Sam decides to go on the offensive. You will no doubt watch a sci-fi epic featuring a gritty, still compelling story. As you might have guessed, this man on the moon movie is heavily inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, a Must See for any sci-fi fan.

Moon is directed by first-time filmmaker Duncan Jones, a former ad exec, who is kind of a 'big deal' now with his refreshing direction of this one-man man on the moon movie. The original story was written by Jones, and the screenplay was written by Nathan Parker. The movie first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it was bought by Sony Pictures Classics. Duncan Jones Man on the Moon promises a lot!

Hungry for the type of sci-fi movies he grew up on (Alien, Outland), Jones wanted to pay them a tribute; also to make a film he would enjoy watching at anytime. "I wanted to make a film which would be appreciated by people like myself who loved those films..." he said. Was he successful? All you need to do is watch this man on the moon movie to see for yourself. I think he was because I enjoyed very much watching Duncan Jones Man on the Moon.

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