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First off, Salvation is here, so why don't you grab a seat? Are you familiar with Smallville, the hometown of the young Clark Kent? Learn more about his childhood love interest, Lana Lang, and Smallville's Green Arrow. Did you know about this phenomenal indie movie, featuring a man on the moon, Duncan Jones' Moon?

Maybe you like to gossip a lot? Follow the gossip girls Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. Are you a true sci-fi movies fan? We highly recommend Terminator, the TV series, the Battlestar Galactica show or James Cameron's Avatar.

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movies avatarHot Alien Girls
A sci-fi movie with a hot alien girl in it would sell like hot bread.

planet earthIron Sky Release Date
At the end of the World War II the Nazi conquered the Moon.

eyeborgsEyeborgs, The Movie
The system designed to protect you, turns against you.

movies heroesHeroes TV Series
Save the cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere), save the world!

A Trip to The Moon
star star star star
Le Voyage dans La Lune, best-known as A Trip to The Moon, is the first science fiction movie. The film was produced and directed by Georges Melies in 1902. go to top

James Cameron's Avatar
star star star star
One life ends... another begins. One chapter of James Cameron's Avatar ends... another begins. The Avatar Trilogy! go to top

The Future Begins with The Terminator
star star star star
If you're a fan of the classic James Cameron franchise, you are not permitted to miss Terminator Salvation. Non-stop action sequences and impressive FX. go to top

Smallville's Oliver Queen
star star star star
Played by Justin Hartley, Smallville's Oliver wanders the streets at night as Green Arrow, dispensing justice similar to the folk hero Robin Hood. go to top

Smallville's Lana Lang
star star star star
Remember what Smallville's Lana once said? "Sometimes people can surprise you." See if Kristin Kreuk can surprise you too! go to top

Duncan Jones' Moon
star star star star
A fantastic man on the moon movie indie science fiction film with a promising story, starring Sam Rockwell and using Clint Mansell's beautiful score. go to top

The Gossip Girls
star star star star
If the gissip girls teach us anything, then that is "You're nobody until you're talked about." Have a peek into the world of privileged NYC teenagers. go to top

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
star star star star
In Terminator Sarah Connor a cute reprogrammed Terminator was sent from the future to protect John. And to help him with homework, obviously... go to top

Battlestar Galactica Theory
star star star star
Considered by many the best science fiction series of the last decade, BSG breathed life back into the genre. Check out the Battlestar Galactica Theory. go to top

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