Alien Prometheus

The origins of mankind on Earth are going to be revealed...
in this upcoming sci-fi movie by Ridley Scott (Alien).

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The human race faces extinction. Can Prometheus crew save us all?

Prometheus Alien Prequel

In the future, two superpowers control the Earth and battle each other for our solar system's natural resources. When one side sends a team of explorers to a distant planet to terraform it for colonization, they discover a native race of biomechanical murderers -- the Space Jokeys from the Alien series. Remember them?

You do, uh? Then maybe you also remember that the crew of the commercial ship Nostromo landed on a moon and found a crashed spaceship with a large dead alien and many eggs inside? You do remember! Then you must be an fan like me and, I can tell you know; you will definitely love Prometheus. Provided that you don't watch the trailer! Say what?

That's right. If you're truly a fan, you will wait until Alien Prometheus hits the big screens. Watching the movie trailer will definitely ruin your experience. Why do I say that? Because I watch it and I already know what's going to happen in the upcoming Ridley Scott film. And no, Alien's xenomorphs will not appear in this movie. Warning, spoilers ahead!

alien prometheus 2012
A scene from Alien Prometheus. Copyright 2012 by 20th Century Fox.

While the original Alien trailer cleverly used out-of-focus, wicked shots involving its signature creature, so that the audience was genuinely surprised upon viewing the movie, the Alien Prometheus trailer gives us five distinct, crystal clear shots. In other words, we see the alien BEFORE the movie is released. And we already know that David is a robot on board the Prometheus from his end comment and from a Michael Fassbender's interview.

Also, the final battle is shown! The trailer literally spoils the alien's agenda and how the Prometheus crew will stop the ship. We see Noomi Rapace right on top of the alien ship as it takes off towards Earth. At approximately two minutes, the crashes into the alien ship (so, that's goodbye for Idris Elba).

The beautiful Charlize Theron doesn't die too; at 2:12 we see her evacuating the ship. Seconds later, the alien ship is on fire and drops to the ground. Yes, the ruins of that ship appear in the original Alien movie -- that's what happened.

Now, at 2:15 the Space Jockey is facing Noomi -- that could only mean that she and the alien survived the crash for a final clash. That's what happens when a studio is too lazy or simply doesn't know how to advertise his movie properly. Rather than creating a trailer to peek interest, they spoil everything for Alien fans by showing them the best scenes. I guess the next Prometheus Alien trailer will show Noomi killing the Space Jockey. What the frack?!

alien prometheus prequel
A scene from Prometheus Alien. Copyright 2012 by 20th Century Fox.

Based on what I saw in the trailer and what I read on the Web, I believe that the alien ship has military purposes. Perhaps the creation of biological weapons (the alien eggs) with the sole objective of infesting a remote planet, in order to prepare it for terraforming. Now, the Space Jockey might be a biomechanical suit for one of their "engineers" or it might as well be the equivalent of suspended animation of humans. I guess we'll just have to wait until June 8 2012, when the Alien Prometheus will be released in theaters to find out.

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