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At the end of the World War II the Nazi conquered the Moon, promising they will be back with a vengeance.

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At the end of the World War II the Nazi conquered the Moon. They will be back...

Nazis From the Moon

I will be honest with you: felt like a really bad joke to me when I first saw the film's trailer. I mean, com'on, the Nazis? Let them die already! But no, they had to make a movie in which they explain the UFOs as being - you guess it - of Nazi origin!

Although this sounds interesting when you think about it: the Nazis kept watching us; they were always up there without us even notic -- Wait, what am I thinking?! This is bull$hlt!

Although I do love a good science-fiction twist, this is too hilarious. Nazis from the Moon?

Provided that Iron Sky is an indie film, I will cut them a slack. But just one slack! Who knows, maybe they will impress them with their special effects... Yeah, right! Leaving my personal disgust aside, let's see what do we know about this film.

Iron Sky The Film

Iron Sky production team took their teaser trailer to "The Cannes" (you know, that film festival where indies all over the world congrat each other for great... flicks) in 2008 seeking co-financiers. The producers got lucky and signed a co-production agreement with "27 Films Prods" -- which I have no idea who they are.

Two years later, at the same world not-so-famous Cannes "Film" Festival the producers of Iron Sky film signed another co-production agreement, this time with the Australians "New Holland Pictures." After a couple more co-production agreements and 7,5 million euros later, the producers finally decided that it would be a really good idea to actually start shooting something, anything.

And they did, in November 2010, in Frankfurt. Long story short: you're looking at the trailer of an indie science-fiction comedy film from the makers of -- who cares? -- and the action begins at the end of the World War II, in 1945 to be more exact.

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 This is the trailer of the Iron Sky film everyone is eager to see, except me.

In the film, the Nazis were defeated, except that they were not. Well, they were, but a handful of them escaped on the dark side of the Moon, thanks to a Nazi breakthrough in anti-gravity research. And they built a powerful fleet of UFOs there and return to Earth in 2018 to seek revenge. Well, I think that's bloody brilliant (not)!

Anyway, if you'd still like to see this movie, the Iron Sky release date was set for April 4th, 2012. Did you like this story? Take a moment to share it with your friends on Facebook .

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