John Carter Film 2012

The Princess of Mars, originally written in 1911, is back!
An epic action movie by Pixar takes you to Mars.

Latest John Carter of Mars News
  1. March 25th 2012: A fan-made trailer, John Carter Heritage would have probably sold the movie better than what the Disney marketing machine has come up with.

  2. March 7th 2012: Just two days left before the official premiere of John Carter of Mars! Are you excited? For now, watch the John Carter UK Premiere for the red carpet.

  3. February 17th 2012: Check out the John Carter Legacy featurette in which the cast and the producer are talking about the books and how they were adapted to the film.

  4. July 14th 2011: Though John Carter won't be released into theaters until next year, a teaser trailer has just been launched and it looks pretty awesome. Watch it!

  5. December 14th 2011: A brand new John Carter of Mars trailer was strategically released just before the holidays. JC fans, rejoice!

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In this Walt Disney movie a Confederate soldier is traveling to Mars to fight aliens...

John Carter Movie Review

*** Warning: Spoilers Ahead! ***
Although the following is definitely not a John Carter Wiki, it is also not a full scale review. You should not read this if you are planning to go and see the film!

To be completely honest, John Carter it's not the retro-futuristic epic movie I was looking forward to, but it's still worth checking out. There are several electrifying moments in the movie when you feel drawn directly into the action, unfortunately there aren't many.

The old fashioned visions of the future from the past (1900s) are far too awkward in comparison to our modern world. One reason we're fascinated by retro futurism is the fact that there is a kind of hilarious, adorable wrongness to it. Those people really thought that, by the end of the 20th century, we will explore space, command robots and getting around in flying cars. Instead of playing these retro concepts for campy humor, John Carter writer and director Andrew Stanton experimented with turning them into a serious adventure for the contemporary times. And that's where he's gone wrong, I think.

Even though the special effects - stunning landscapes of Mars and its incredible cities (among them, a walking city!) - are breathtaking, and the heroic fights successfully found a way to avoid being cheesy, John Connor of Mars over delivered story-wise. The plot - or should I say plots - is clumsy and fails to fit together or reach a conclusion quite often. For example, Edgar Rice Burroughs also appears in the film as John Carter's nephew, reading his uncle's diary and complicating the storyline with details we don't need. Another example is the secret teleportation goldmine -- the place where a group of aliens spend all their time hanging around expecting who knows what. Also, badass princess Dejah Thoris convinces Carter to take her side in the Martian war, although we are really not sure why he did it.

John Carter of Mars Pixar feels like an entire trilogy worth of subplots. Even though the story is messy as a whole, the side stories do bring something highly rewarding on the table, so to speak: all the fighting sequences look amazing. I just wish they'd focused more on the main story instead of adding so many distracting subplots to the movie. In the end, I would recommend this film for his action sequences rather than his story.

About John Carter of Mars

Disney's John Carter directed by Andrew Stanton (the man who also supervised "Wall-E" & "Finding Nemo") arrives in theaters March 9th, 2012, and I can't wait to see it!

Below, you can watch the teaser trailers for John Carter movie, an outer-space epic. And don't worry; if you're not familiar with the whole John Carter thing, you'll soon enough learn about it. , hero of the classic novel series "John Carter of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs, has influenced generations of sci-fi fans, artists and filmmakers.

In the movie, John Connor Carter is a Civil War captain who was thought dead on Earth, but in reality was inexplicably transported to Mars. It was brought there by faith -- or something like that -- to help a princess in distress, X-Men's Lynn Collins (« wallpaper to the left).

Our hero will soon find himself dragged in the middle of a conflict of epic proportions between warring Martian nations. What is it about? You will find out when the movie hits the big screens and get glimpses of the action through the teasers displayed below. Here's the first John Carter of Mars trailer:

John Carter Movie Teaser Trailer
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 The Teaser Trailer for John Carter movie. Music by Peter Gabriel. Switch to 720p+ for higher quality.

And... the second one:

John Carter Movie Trailer Premiere
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 This is the Premiere Trailer for John Carter film. Switch to 720p+ for higher video quality.

100th Anniversary of Princess of Mars

Believe it or not, next year will be the actual 100th anniversary of the novelization of the first book, called "The Princess of Mars." A hundred years ago, on February 1912, the adventure magazine All-Star was publishing "Under the Moons of Mars." This story became shortly a novel signed by Edgar Rice Burroughs and called "Princess of Mars." So, anyone that complains that it copies Avatar is a fool. James Cameron even admitted that the John Carter books were his biggest inspiration when writing Avatar!

John Carter Warlord of Mars

Well, it's not really Mars... The filming takes place in Utah and those structures on top of rock formations were added later digitally. Who knew Mars look exactly EXACTLY like Arizona? As a Disney's picture, the movie isn't taking itself too seriously, hence John Carter jumping like a cartoon character on Mars.

john carter movie

I don't know why, but I always imagined the Martians to be a bit more like giant insects with cold bug-eyes. However, in John Carter Warlord of Mars the aliens - called Tharks - are humanoids, 9-foot tall with four arms and very expressive blue eyes.

Also, in "John Carter of Mars Pixar" everyone on Barsoom, except John of course, communicates telepathically. I guess that would have been incredibly dull for a movie, so they had to change it. Right now, 2012 John Carter feels like a desert version of Avatar (but with green aliens, instead of the blue Na'vi people of Pandora).

john carter 2012

John Carter of Mars Pixar

John Carter of Mars is Pixar's first live action film, which promises to bring us the awesomeness of the red planet on March 9, 2012. An epic sci-fi movie featuring John Carter, the heroic protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs' books from 1900s. The film is largely based on "A Princess of Mars," which is the first novel to feature our hero. You can get a glimpse behind the scenes by watching the video below.

John Carter "Legacy" Featurette
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 About the books and how they were adapted to this film. Switch to 720p+ for HD.

John Carter of Mars UK Premiere

Director of John Carter film Andrew Stanton and actors Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Mark Strong and Willem Dafoe joined fans and media at the BFI Southbank for the red Carpet Event on March 2nd. John Carter of Mars will be first released in the UK cinemas on March 9th 2012. The wait is almost over...

John Carter UK Premiere
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 My name is John Connor. Damn it! John Carter!! Switch to 720p+ for higher video quality.

John Carter Fan Trailer

Now THIS is the trailer Disney should have used to market John Carter. The guys and gals at created a trailer that explains why you should care about this movie and why you should watch it. Curiously, Disney's marketing campaign failed to answer one simple question: "Who is John Carter?" -- a question in everyone's mind just before the official launch of Pixar's John Carter. The trailer below gives a much richer sense of the film's visuals and would have probably sold the movie better than what the Disney marketing machine has come up with. The Princess of Mars needs rescuing, but who's gonna save John Carter?

John Carter Heritage
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 John Carter Heritage - A Fan-made Trailer. Switch to 720p+ for higher video quality.

Since has raised the bar through its cutting-edge special effects, the folks at Pixar took notice and decided to film their own epic sci-fi movie. John Carter of Mars Pixar promises to deliver big time -- if not through special FX, then story wise. I have no doubt about that, since they took a story about a fish (I'm talking about "Nemo") and turn it into an unbelievable success world wide. We will just have to wait and see...

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