The Vampire Diaries vs Buffy

True Story: Buffy Summers met Stefan Salvatore...
and they live happily ever after... Wait, what?!

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Buffy: the kick-ass action VS The Vampire Diaries: pretty vampires and lots of drama...

Is The Vampire Diaries The New Buffy?

If you're a fan of , you would agree with me that the TV show is a worthy successor to Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. What's Buffy? Hmmm... If you need to ask that question, then you are definitely born after the 1990s, so there's really no point talking to you about Buffy, is there?

However, if you saw Buffy, then you definitely know it was the best vampire TV show of the 80s, just like CWTV Vampire Diaries is the best vampire TV series of the last decade. Feel free to contradict me.

The episodes of movie from 1992 dared to be different: to tell stories in silence or in song. Buffy gave us lots of moral lessons, such as: evil exists, it never goes away and thus it must be fought; redemption is possible (for Angel and Spike); we don't get to choose our reality because life's not fair, but we do get to choose what we do:

"I hate being here. I hate that you have to be here. I hate that there's evil and that I was chosen to fight it... I know a lot of you wish that I hadn't been either. This isn't about wishes. This is about choices." (Sarah Michelle Buffy)

In the show's most heart breaking moments, Buffy kisses her one true love and saves the world by sending him straight to hell. I think that's bloody brilliant!

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 The Vampire Diaries Opening Credits in Buffy style. What would Buffy fans think?

On the other hand, CWTV Vampire Diaries is our crack nowadays, because the story of this show is better than in any other that we've seen, except in Buffy TV series of course. Loads of drama and hot vampires.

Released more than a decade after "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie (1992), "The Vampire Diaries" has a lot more in common with its predecessor than just vamps. What? You don't believe me? Keep reading to find out more...

The Vampire Diaries vs Buffy Similarities

The Main Characters
Both main female characters fall in love with a vampire who decided to give up entirely on drinking human blood. Stefan and Elena are just an updated version of Buffy and Angel. Both female leads also have another suitor, a rebellious badass vampire who starts out incredibly evil and who unintentionally fell for the heroine. Think of Spike as an obsolete version of Damon.

Buffy vs Elena
What a joke! Sarah Michelle Buffy can kick Elena's butt at anytime. Hell, she could even kick Salvatore brothers' butts. She is the Slayer, after all! And while Elena might be willing to sacrifice herself to save her family, Buffy already did it. Twice! However, Elena is much hotter and she deserves some credits for not being the typical shallow Queen Bee, despite the fact that she's very famous.

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 Damon and Elena: Nothing was real for them in The Vampire Diaries.

Angel vs Damon
Angel is a vampire who was cursed with a soul in Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie 1992 and has to suffer a great deal for his past crimes. Since the 1980s, the redemption-seeking hero (Angel) has been voted (or named) the sexiest (or most popular) on-screen vampire. That's because besides being big and mainly, Angel can also be needy and somewhat pathetic sometimes because of his "oh, I regret my old killing spree days" attitude.

Damon from The Vampire Diaries used to kill people impulsively but nowadays, not so much. When Damon finds out that Katherine is not in the tomb and has been alive the entire time, he finds comfort in Elena and then starts to fall for her. Damon is slowly turning into a good vampire, even starting friendships with others, such as Alaric Saltzman and that's all thanks to Elena, who he loves deeply.

Damon may have the looks, but the fact that Angel(us) actually has a soul and that he will loose it with one moment of happiness, it's pure awesomeness!

Best Friends Witches
vampire diaries vs buffy willow If you remember, Buffy had Willow as her best friend. In the "TVD" Elena has Bonnie, in my opinion, one of the lamest witches on TV. "Oh, look at me; I can lit the candles with my magic." Thank God Bonnie's not a l3sbian!

If I had to choose my own personal witch, I would take Willow anytime, especially the "dark" Willow, who can actually end the existence of everything on earth!

Bonnie is way too much of a drama queen for me!

The Annoying Siblings
Buffy had a little sister (Dawn) who always got into trouble and Buffy had to go into her rescue every time. Elena also has a younger sibling she has to deal with (Jeremy) who got into the habit of making everything more difficult for everyone else.

Buffy-Faith vs Elena-Katherine
Buffy and Faith are actually VERY similar to each other (just like Elena and Katherine). They are similar personalities shaped differently by their decisions. While Elena diminishes her selfish qualities due to survivor's guilt, Katherine blocks out her selfless personality traits as result of the survivor's complex (also known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). So, you see, they are really each other's mirror.

Faith does not hide her dark side; it's the good side she hides. On the other hand, Buffy tries hard to hide her dark side. Although, as the show unveils, Buffy learned to accept and embrace her darkness, while Faith found the courage to not hide her light.

Mentors Stuck in Boring Jobs
I'm talking about Giles Rupert, the Librarian from "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" movie 1992 and Alaric Saltzman, the History teacher from "The Vampire Diaries." Ripper the Watcher is a walking encyclopedia and although he is older, I find the guy more interesting and funnier than Alaric. Giles can be a real party animal sometimes.

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 Buffy: The Vampire Slayer VS The Vampire Diaries: Are they so different after all?

Ancient Prophecies
In "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer," the main character has no means of escaping an ancient prophecy. The prophecy states that our unlikely hero will face "The Master" and that she will die. Except that she didn't! The same way, in "The Vampire Diaries," after we spent most of the second season hearing about the totally ludicrous "Sun and Moon Curse," in the end we find out that the whole thing turned out to be a fake. That was fun!

The Secret Council
Mystic Falls has a secret council entrusted with knowledge about the vampires and they all do their best to keep the town safe, even if they don't have a Slayer on their side. The same way, in "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer," a group of humans known as the "Watchers" pass on knowledge about vampires. In addition, the Council's mission is to help the "Slayers" fulfill their destiny (which is slaying vampires of course).

Of course, the two shows aren't entirely similar! There are lots of differences as well, "The Vampire Diaries" being more interested in the ongoing relationship drama for example, than the demon-fighting action we get from Buffy.

Buffy vs The Vampire Diaries Differences

Love Triangles
vampire diaries vs buffy love triangle In "The Vampire Diaries" the love triangle between Elena, Stefan and Damon is really interesting and never ceases to amaze me. While Elena struggles to seize control over her life, away from the Salvatore brothers, the plot turned out to be a lot spikier than your usual "girl torn between two lovers" storyline.

For example, Damon's love for Elena makes him do all these good deeds, while Stefan proves to be more than just a "lovable good guy." In fact, Stefan from Vampire Diaries can be very, very, bad.

On the other hand, in "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" there's no love triangle. Buffy loves Angel, while Xander, Spike and Riley love Buffy. It's... complicated. Hahaha! However, the relationship between Buffy and Angel is twisted and very different from that between Stefan and Elena. The Slayer's purpose in life is to kill vampires, but she falls in love with one of them... At one point in the show, Buffy has to make the though decision to kill Angel to save the world. That's powerful stuff!

Evil Turning Good
In "The Vampire Diaries" Damon, the badass vampire, gives up on evil, and shortly afterwards he becomes more like his brother Stefan, all cuddly and warm inside. However, that doesn't mean that Damon has lost his old ways entirely! He's still impulsive and has a big ego. In comparison, in "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer," Angel turns permanently from being evil to being good, becoming an altruistic hero of mankind. Spike also becomes permanently harmless because of that chip in his head.

Right and Wrong
Is Sheriff Forbes wrong about her daughter being a monster? Maybe, when you think that Caroline killed innocent people. Was Elena right about handling Klaus, the ancient vampire? Maybe, or maybe they were all wrong, to varying degrees. I've often watched a show posing dilemmas, and then never tell us what the correct answer was (think about LOST), the way "The Vampire Diaries" does.

However, Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie 1992 does an ever better job at giving lessons about honesty and integrity. A good example is when Buffy ran away without telling anyone about it. When she came back, she was held accountable by her friends. They let her know that she didn't have to do it alone, and that they were going to be there to support her with whatever she was going through at the time. They also let her know how her leaving affected them.

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 Damon and Elena are perfect for each other in The Vampire Diaries. Song: Perfect by Hedley.

Things of The Past
For some reason, there are so many storylines brought up and then tossed aside in every episode of "The Vampire Diaries" that it all feels normal for the viewers. I remember I was getting used to it, but unlike other TV shows, plot twists are not forgotten. One good example would be Matt's sister Vicki, which explains Matt's revulsion and anger towards all vampires when he finally discovers the truth.

Good Deeds/Bad Deeds
It's interesting to see how everyone in season two of CWTV Vampire Diaries is crossing the line so easily: evil Katerina talks to Damon while badass Elijah hangs out with Stefan. Almost no one has pure reasons on this show; it's all a grand scheme to acquire certain goals. In contrast, in Buffy the characters are straight forward: everyone is on a journey and along the way, the characters increase in complexity if not likeability.

Sacrifices and Martyrs
vampire diaries vs buffy lexi If there's one thing that "The Vampire Diaries" teaches us is that, just because someone nobly sacrifice himself/herself doesn't mean it's going to do any good. It's rather strange, but sacrifices never really accomplished the goal you hope they would in this show. Think about Lexi or Jena...

On the other hand, in "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" sacrifices are NOT in vain. For example, in the last episode, Spike sacrifices himself for Buffy. His sacrifice saved the world! It's really heartbreaking.

The Greater Good
The strength of the main characters' relationships throughout the show, honesty and integrity are the pillars of "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer," while in "The Vampire Diaries" betrayal, lies and secrecy are the order of the day. It's hard to distinguish the "good guys" from the "bad guys" in TVD when all characters seem to uphold an "I'm in it for me" attitude and almost always dance on the edge of morality.

Katherine vs Buffy
A fight between Buffy and Katherine?! That would be a pretty amazing view, wouldn't it, guys? Who do you think would win? Anyway, here's what happens in the movie below: the Vampire Diaries Katerina attempts to kill Angel with a stake, but misses. Buffy finds out about this and goes after Katherine to get revenge for "hitting" on her boyfriend. My bet is on Buffy. Always!

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 Katherine VS Buffy: Gentlemen, place your bets! My bet is on Buffy, although I favor Katherine.

Other Notable Differences
In Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie 1992 vampires can't force people to do things for them just by looking into their eyes. Also, their vampires are aren't nearly as fast as those from "The Vampire Diaries," and are not necessary stronger when they're older. So far, Damon and Elena didn't bring down the building like Buffy and Spike did (literally), but you never know what might happen in the next seasons of TVD. Hehehe...

If there's one thing that "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" teaches us best is comparison with "The Vampire Diaries," is that vampires are supposed to be scary, not pretty.

Is "The Vampire Diaries" the new Buffy? What are your thoughts? I think that, if "The Vampire Diaries" can keep its coolness for a few more seasons, it will definitely achieve the iconic status "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" has today. The Vampire Diaries ratings are already through the roof, so no worries there...

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