Contaminated Drinking Water

A nightmare of the 60s

Contaminated Drinking Water in Tokyo
Officials say that the tap water is harmful for babies

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Dangerous in Tokyo (Japan) tap water recently raised concerns about food safety, after a mysterious black smoke forced another evacuation at the leaking power plant.

Apparently, radiation has seeped into vegetables and the water supply after magnitude 9 earthquake and the killer tsunami crippled the Fukushima nuclear plant two weeks ago.

The death toll continues to creep up, with more than 10,000 bodies counted and over 15,000 people listed as missing. It's the world's most expensive natural disaster on record with $300 billion in damages! Hundreds of thousands Japanese remained homeless, squeezed into temporary shelters without heat, warm food or medicine.

Contaminated Drinking Water in Tokyo

Tokyo officials recently announced that tap water showed elevated levels and advised against drinking contaminated water and eating the vegetables. Infants are particularly vulnerable to *radioactive iodine* and might show symptoms of drinking contaminated water, which can cause thyroid cancer. Sickness after drinking contaminated water may appear only for sustained consumption rates, but who wants to drink radioactive water anyway? I know I don't.

The *experts* say that the current levels pose no immediate health risk for children or adults and that drinking contaminated water poses more of a psychosocial problem than medical. To explain, the stress resulted from the radioactivity is more dangerous than the radioactivity itself. So they say.

Tokyo's nuclear officials still struggled to stabilize the damaged reactors, after the quake and tsunami knocked out the plant's crucial cooling systems, leaking radioactive steam into the air, on the "Black Friday" of March 11.

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 Sky News reporting on the Tsunami that hit Japan.

If you want to know what are the symptoms of drinking contaminated water, keep reading. Contrary to what the experts say, there is no *safe exposure* to radiation.

  1. How long for sickness after drinking contaminated water? Symptoms of radiation sickness can appear in as little as 2 hours. If the effects of contaminated drinking water are not visible immediately, they will surface later in life.

  2. The thyroid takes up the most radioactive iodine that enters the body. If large quantities are ingested, the thyroid gland may be impaired or destroyed.

  3. Flu-like symptoms caused by reduction of lymphocytes (white blood cells), which can last for years to come and even develop into leukemia. Headaches, fever, vomiting and diarrhea are other symptoms that may be caused by low lymphocyte levels.

  4. Because of reproductive cells rapid growth, it doesn't take much exposure to see radiation side effects here (sterility, cancer). Women who are pregnant may inflict long-term damage to their developing baby. Therefore, if you're a pregnant lady and live in Tokyo, don't drink contaminated drinking water.

  5. Sunburned or itchy skin may occur behind the knees or behind the ears.

People might get cancer later in life from exposure to radioactive drinking water. Even if you think of radiation burn as the most severe effect, and you're sure that sickness after drinking contaminated water will be visible right away, you're wrong! Skin cancer, lung cancer, breast or brain cancer may develop after years of exposure to radiation.

The contaminated drinking water in Tokyo is no joke. Should you leave in the area or nearby, please, whatever you do, do not drink the water!

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