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Breakthroughs in Robotics
Stay in-touch with the latest breakthroughs in robotics.

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Hot-looking robots? Not yet. But do stay in-touch with the latest robotics breakthroughs.

When I think of , I think of... Star Trek. That's because, like in the show's tagline, robots are the final frontier for us humans.

Lately, I noticed there's a new breakthrough in robotics almost every week. Our steel servants are getting more sophisticated as time goes by.

Will robots eventually become self-aware like everyone fears? Giving the latest amazing robotics technology breakthroughs, they just might. Fortunately, there's still time until our new AI overlords will take over. We have time...

Or maybe they'll just build a huge space ship and leave us to our fate, like in BSG.
After all, God's plan might be different for robots.

Robotics Technology Breakthrough: Geminoid F android

People who visit Tokyo will be a surprise if they walk by the Takashimaya store, one of the biggest Japanese department stores. The models that were in the shop's window were replaced by an android which closely resembles a young woman. Well, almost anyway.

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 Geminoid F android is waiting forever for a friend who never comes...

Named Geminoid-F, the android is the latest creation of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro -- famous worldwide for other humanoid robots that he designed. Geminoid-F is programmed with 60+ different facial expressions and can simulate four emotional states, interacting with the public. Read all about Geminoid-F.

Robotics Technology Breakthrough: Robot Can Catch Two Balls

Developed by German Aerospace company , this robot, nicknamed Justin, has over 80% chances of catching two baseballs that are thrown at him simultaneously. Ironically, DLR is actually German for "Cyberdyne Systems." You would say that some people are really, really, looking to be the first creators of the Terminator replica.

Anyway, this weird looking robot has two cameras mounted in the right eye, which allows it (it, not him, okay?!) to catch the balls simultaneously. And it only requires 5 milliseconds to decide when and how to do it. Equipped with over 80 sensors, 40 joints and a 3D camera system (for analyzing spatial movement), Justin is a breakthrough in robotics when compared with other robots because of his dexterous hands.

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 Justin, the robot who can make coffee and catch two baseballs at the same time.

Weighting 45 kilograms, Justin has been developed at the German Aerospace Center and was designed specifically to repair satellites on orbit. Hopefully, not those satellites that control our nuclear missiles. The fact that Justin can catch two balls simultaneously demonstrates its ability to coordinate essential operations required on space missions.

Robotics Technology Breakthrough: The First Butler Robot

This "humanoid robot," as its creators, PAL Robotics, describe it, is a butler robot, the first of its kind. There are currently 20 butler robots in production for clients in the Middle East. The work on the first commercially available butler robot, generically called "Reem," began in 2004. Although not that sophisticated as a , Reem is an impressive wheeled robot, as you will shortly see in the video bellow.

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 REEM, another breakthrough in robotics. Switch to 720p for higher video quality.

Equipped with an autonomous navigation system and touch screen, Reem is able to roam freely, avoiding obstacles in its path. The butler robot was unveiled at an exhibition held in the United Arab Emirates. Its creators believe that the humanoid robot can be not only a guide, a logistical tool, but also an entertainer. Thanks to its modular design, the robot is highly customizable and can be easily customized for each customer's needs.

Reem has 1,65 meters, 90 kg, can reach a speed of 5 km/h and its lithium batteries will provide a 8 hours autonomy. PAL Robotics wanted to create a robot that fits in the typical American standards. Their robot can recognize faces and can carry your baggage on his back platform, provided that it weights under 30 kg. Reem can also hold objects under 3 kg with each arm. As you can see, robotics technology breakthroughs are full of surprises. Reem is a robot I'd probably be happy to meet while lost in a foreign airport.

robotics technology breakthroughs

As you can see, the robots are going to look progressively more human. Eventually you might even want to date one of them... If you liked this story, please take a moment to share it and to follow me on Twitter.

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