Dark Side of The Moon Base

NASA is planning to build a base on the moon...
A staging post for Mars on the moon's surface

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A base on the Moon is the next logical step for conquering Mars...

Why a Base on The Moon?

NASA is planning to build a research base on the . This way, we get an outpost for space exploration, including for the long-awaited exploration of the "red planet." The U.S. Space Agency assembled a team whose main objective is to draw the plans that would allow NASA to build a base on the dark side of the moon. The research station will be called Earth-Moon Libration point 2 (EML-2) and will function as a staging post for future missions to planet Mars where we would (not) shake hands with little green men.

To achieve this ambitious goal (I'm talking about the Moon base, not the aliens), NASA will use the most powerful launch systems and space transportation equipment it has: the Space Launch System and the Lockheed Martin Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.

According to an official document issued by the Lunar University Network for Astrophysics Research Centre (in short, L.U.N.A.R.) at the University of Colorado, the dark side of the Moon base will be a future outpost for astronauts who will be then be able to travel 15% further through space than mankind has ever travelled (reference to the Apollo's crew).

dark side of the moon base

Jack Burns, Director of LUNAR, stated: "It's a very exciting and important achievement both scientifically and in terms of space exploration's history. Our mission concept is unique and offers first time activities to be held outside the orbit of our planet." In case you didn't get it, he's referring to activities far beyond the ISS (International Space Station).

For over a year, scientists from LUNAR worked in collaboration with Lockheed specialists to find the most effective means for successful completion of this ambitious project. I just hope the dark side of the Moon base won't be built on top of some Autobot artifacts or, worse, on a Nazi's military base. Just kidding...

This future mission will provide an opportunity to further test the Orion spacecraft's life-support systems and its high-speed re-entry capability in Earth's atmosphere, provided that it manages to successfully dodge the Earth's space junk. The mission will also help researchers to study the effects of both cosmic radiation and the solar flares on human crew, which will be protected by the modern equipment of the Orion.

The project's deadline is March 30, 2012, by which time we would find out more details about NASA's daredevil mission. Well, I wish them good luck! We could always use a base on the dark side of the Moon.

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