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The best guided meditation to silence your thoughts

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Find your inner peace for free. Silence your thoughts with the best guided meditation.

Meditate? That's Bullsh!t!

First, I would like to say that I always considered a waste of time. What good could lying around doing nothing could possible do? Apparently, I was wrong!

In today's society, we are constantly entertained by conflicting thoughts. There's a never ending chatter in our mind and it's very difficult to stay focused on any thought. Meditation encourages our focus and concentration and this is why I wanted to share with you this free guided meditation technique that I enjoy very much every day of my life and without which I couldn't probably slow down my thinking to take a break from all.

Just like the positively, meditation can have a healing effect as well. According to a recent research published on April 6, 2011, in the "Journal of Neuroscience", the guided meditation produces powerful pain-relieving effects in the brain. Brain imaging confirmed that meditation can reduce pain by up to 90% (better than morphine!).

Guided meditation can make us feel better about ourselves, improve our patience, give us inner calm and peace whenever necessary. There's so much confusion in the brain when we are at work, when we are constantly worrying, when we push ourselves that one step further to achieve success...

Practicing guided meditation helps quiet the mind so you can listen to your inner self. It is vital that each day you take at least half an hour for yourself in order to meditate and silence your thought processes. Just like , meditation takes time and practice. We wouldn't be able to do them right on the first try, but it is worth the effort in the long run, I promise you.

What is Meditation

To put it bluntly, meditation is the time off of the mind without the constant chatter. Therefore, the purpose of meditation is to silence the mind for just a few minutes, so that we can regain our calm and the peace required to get us through the day.

The best form of the meditation is the guided meditation -- it will allow us to take a moment just for ourselves, to detach from all the drama surrounding us. When random thoughts are not distracting you, you are meditating. Meditation is awareness...

Why Meditating

I cannot tell you why you should meditate. You will have to find the answer to that question by yourself. However, I will tell you why I meditate.

  1. First, to stay focused on the things that REALLY matter to me.

  2. Second, to keep away from the things that DON'T matter.

  3. Third, to get new perspectives on problems I'm facing. Einstein once said:
    "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

  4. Finally, to get a quick recharge, like when you're sleeping and your body recharges itself. Guided meditation is particularly useful to me when I have a headache, and this happens more often than you think lately as I'm trying to give up coffee.

Free Guided Meditation

You can begin your guided meditation right now by finding a quiet place to practice for just a few minutes. You will need a timer for this. Set it to 5 minutes. You can increase this period gradually. You have two options when practicing the best guided meditation:

  1. If you have a chair with straight back support, place your legs in a 90-degree angle with the floor. Make sure your legs don't touch each other. Then leave your arms loose on your legs.

  2. For my guided meditation I use my bed. I sit down and lay against the back support, stretching my legs until they are sitting on their heels. I make sure my legs don't touch each other, and then I leave my arms loose on them.

Please follow these guidelines to get the optimal benefits from your meditation: make sure you turn off your cell phone, TV or any other objects that might be distracting in any way. Also, make yourself as comfortable as you can. If you have headphones with noise cancellation, that's even better for your guided meditation; use them!

Now, close your eyes... Take a long, slow, deep breath in until you cannot inhale any further and then exhale slowly and effortlessly through nostrils. Repeat until the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm and your chest will occur effortlessly, without you being aware of them. You only need to be focused on your breath; pay careful attention to it and try to make it "louder" in your mind, to "cover" your distracting thoughts.

During the process of guided meditation you might feel a tickling in your body or become very aware of your thoughts. Don't worry about it. Your body is entering a state of deep relaxation, embrace it. Try to not move as much as possible. You will notice that, at the beginning, it's not easy at all! This is why I asked you to set the timer to 5 minutes. Know that you will get better with practice.

While you sit in your chair, keep telling yourself:

"I'm not moving. I am quiet, calm and peaceful. Every part of my body is relaxed."

Keep repeating this exercise whenever you have time, until you can successfully remained still for up to half an hour. While you're doing it, try to focus on the sound of your breath as much as possible, instead of following your crazy thoughts.

The purpose of the best guided meditation is to silence your thoughts for a while; at least for me it is. However, if you would rather prefer to listen to a voice that can provide instructions, feel free to do so. I have selected two audio files for you, which I highly recommend that you to download and listen to, while practicing meditation.

Free Guided Meditation Resources

Listen to The Healing Breath - A 15 minutes of the best guided meditation on how to breath correctly in order to bring balance in your everyday life.

Listen to Mind & Body Relaxation - 10 minutes of meditation, a stress-relieving exercise meant to bring your mind and body to balance.

The guided meditation doesn't necessary needs to be something metaphysic or weird and it doesn't need to be related to Yoga or any spiritual mumbo jumbo. It's something to help you out find peace, your inner peace, for free, and it doesn't have any has. Just kidding! Anyway, in the hope that you would at least try to find out if it works for you, I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

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