FemiSapien Humanoid Robot
by Wow Wee

This sophisticated and independent little robot speaks, sings, and responds to user gestures, touch, and sounds.

FemiSapien is the latest in the Wow Wee line of humanoid robots and can be a great friend for your kids.

A real 21st century robot, FemiSapien is entertaining, dynamic and classy. You have to get one on these!

The Birth of SkyNet

In Tokyo, Japan, an android mannequin gazes at shoppers in the window of Takashimiya department store. Makes you wonder what's next.

Geminoid-F (F is for Female)

The Mannequin Android
In Japan, the mannequins in stores are replaced by androids

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"Look! That mannequin is moving!" says the boy to his mom...

People who visit the famous Shinjuku area of Tokyo, will be a surprise if they walk by the Takashimaya store, one of the biggest Japanese department stores. The models that were in the shop's window were replaced by an android which closely resembles a young woman. Well, almost anyway.

Named Geminoid-F, the is the latest creation of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro -- famous worldwide for other humanoid robots that he designed.

Geminoid-F is programmed with 60+ different facial expressions and can simulate four emotional states, interacting with the public. For example, if the shopper will smile, the android will smile back.

Geminoid-F - The Birth of SkyNet?

Robotics guru Hiroshi Ishiguro explained why the store chose to use an android for the upcoming Valentine's Day: "On a mannequin, clothes cannot be highlighted as well as when worn by a real model. Because it's simply not possible for a model to spend a whole day in a window - not to mention expensive - I believe that androids are the best option to display clothes that are offered for sale." This is the first time a robotic mannequin like this has been used in a commercial setting.

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 Geminoid F android is waiting forever for a friend who never comes...

The Geminoid F could be sold for less then 10 mil. Yen ($110,000) a piece. In a country where robotic technology is the norm, the may not scare passing shoppers. Geminoid-F (the "F" stands for female, obviously) has long black hair, soft silicone skin, and a set of lifelike teeth that allow her to produce a natural smile. And it's modelled after a real person, like all Ishiguro's androids.

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 This is the girl Geminoid-F was modelled after...

We're neurologically hardwired to react to these puppets as though they're humans. However, Geminoid-F looks creepy to me. I hope they power down the android mannequin and cover it at night or else IT may scare the hell out of someone passing by. If you liked this story, please take a moment to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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