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How Google Works

It's a real mystery. Or is it?

Google: How it Works?
Learn how Google, the #1 search engine, gets its search results

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how google works
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Google always stayed ahead of people trying to manipulate its search results...

I personally can't imagine my life without Google. Seriously! No matter what question I may have, no matter if I'm at home, office or out, I can find the answer I seek by typing down a simple query into Google's search bar.

And Google rushes to come to my help by *instantly* displaying the top 10 relevant search results. It never ceases to amaze me how does it do that. How does it take billions of different webpages and then list them in some sort of order of importance? How?!?

First of all, you should know that Google is BIG... as in HUGE! It has 20 data centers in the United States alone, and at least 20 more around the world (which explains why often search results are different for people living in different countries). Each data center costs $600 million and occupies at least 500,000 sq2.

How Google Search Engine Works

Google is a very complex beast - not only it's huge, but they constantly change the search algorithm to always stay ahead of people who try to manipulate the search engine. This is how Google preserves their business model and anyone telling you that they discovered a way to dominate Google is nothing more but a scammer.

life before google

If you have a blog it's easier for you to understand that there is absolutely no way to "guess" how Google works. Why? Because, the minute you do, they change the algorithm! There were over 500 changes to the Google algorithm in 2010 alone!

Besides, you definitely noticed how some pages from your website were driving more traffic then others, then things started to change, and then pages that had no visitors start getting hundreds of hits out of nowhere. WTF is going on, right?

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 How Google Changes its Search Algorithm adding improvements. For HD, change to 720p or higher.

To better understand how Google search engine works, let's start with what happens as soon as you add content to the World Wide Web. And by new content I mean a new page to your site (such as I'm adding now), a new blog post, a comment on a blog or on a forum, a "tweet" or other social bookmark (stumble, digg, reddit, etc.).

how google works
Infographic by PayPerClick Blog

I think that the chart above does a great job explaining how Google works. Spend some time studying it... It's not magic; if you give Google what it wants and to people what they want, then you will do just fine on the Web. Unless your site is spammy and not that useful/relevant to Google users. "What do you mean... useful?"

Well, should you have worked your tail off and, finally, ranked well for a specific keyword on Google (that translates into being on Page 1), you better prey that your site can pass a manual review by a team of Google Raters or else it'll get dropped to "nowhere land" in the rankings. These so-called Raters hired by Google are trained to "rate" every single site or webpage that is on top 10 for a specific popular keyword.

Raters are also looking for "footprints" - found on spammy sites or low quality. Raters signal the Google team when to change the algorithm in order to remove these poorly rated website from their search results (to give just an example: link farms). So you see, Raters are also an important part in understanding how Google search engine works. Because Google is for USERS and not for websites, HUMAN Raters were employed to make sure that those webpages in top 10 are relevant and useful to users. Makes sense?

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