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More Followers on Twitter

Here are some tips & tricks...

Get More Followers
Learn what tips and tricks you can use to get more loyal followers

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Here's how you can get more followers and grow your Twitter network...

Like every other human being who cares about her online reputation, you feel good when you see the number of followers in your Twitter account shooting through the roof, don't you?

You're on the edge of glory, like Lady Gaga would say. But getting thousands of followers on Twitter is certainly not an easy task; otherwise everyone would be able to do it. And you can't!

Getting 1000s of followers it's a tough "quest," but some tricks are here to help you get a steady rise in the number of natural followers. And by "natural" I don't mean "I follow You and You follow Me" type of useless followers nor #TeamFollowBack. It's not a contest, people!

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

So, what can YOU do to get more followers on Twitter? Wouldn't you like to know... Following you will find some good advice on how to get more followers, tips and tricks I normally use to increase my Twitter follower count.

how to get more followers on twitter
  1. Don't be Boooring. Try to post something really nice and interesting that people would like to retweet. Just posting some promotional snippets in the guise of tweets will not do you any good. Actually, it will do more harm than good and you might see a sudden exodus of followers. Think creatively and come up with something exciting. Put on the shoes of another Twitter user and try to find out whether your tweets belong to the league of interesting or that of ordinary.

  2. Customize your Twitter Background. Yes, first impression counts. The majority of people fall in love at the very first sight. A boring look is certainly not helpful in real life. The same rule is applicable to Twitter. You should customize the look and feel of the Twitter background. Put on your thinking cap and make your profile stand out from the crowd and, believe me, people will show their love in the form of increasing followers. Also, make sure that you are using an avatar. Don't leave it blank! Either upload your company logo or add your real life photo for credibility.

  3. Don't Ignore Your Followers. When you're in the pursuit of happiness a large number of followers, you should try your best to reply to their comments. If it's impossible to answer to all of them, at least reply at random, just to show that you care for your followers, and their number will automatically go up.

  4. Add a Personal Touch. People hate to talk to inanimate objects. The same goes true with Twitterers. Make sure that your tweets bear every semblance of a personal touch; otherwise people would not care two hoots to follow you on Twitter. Don't just copy&paste titles from the Web, add a personal touch to them and you will definitely unlock the secret on how get more followers on Twitter.

  5. Do Not Brag All the Time. Twitter is not YOUR personal platform for promoting YOUR product(s) or service. The sooner you come to terms with this, the better. You should tweet about things which are useful to other people first, and only then slip an occasional tweet about your product/service if you want to curry flavor with other Twitterers. More on how to use Twitter for advertising.

  6. Retweet and Retweet. Retweet to show that you care. But don't go crazy and retweet every link that comes along the way for it can have a devastating impact on your online reputation. Think what an embarrassing situation it would be if you retweeted a tweet like this: “RT @friend: Buy [email protected] online http://url, best price guaranteed.” Use your common sense while retweeting and do it only to promote awesome links and tweets, and you'll have more followers at the end of the day.

  7. Tweet on the Move. Posting 5 tweets in a row is not a good practice. You need to keep your followers informed about what you're doing throughout the end. Make it short, but interesting. And for God's sake, unless you're Lady Gaga or other celebrity, don't tweet about what you're eating. No one cares!

  8. Use Hash Tags. You should use hash tags (#) just before the important words if you want to see your tweet showing up in Twitter Search. If you're tweeting something really interesting, people may bump into your profile and may turn into followers. How to use hash tags? Here's an e.g.: “I named my #iPhone "Titanic" so when I enter #iTunes it'll say "syncing Titanic". And I feel like a hero every time I click Cancel.”

  9. Add Twitter to Your Blog. Adding your Twitter feed to your blog can help convert some visitors into loyal followers. It's not complicated at all; anyone can do it! Simply download & install this WordPress plugin and you're good to go. ;)

  10. Start a Contest. Yep! Launching a campaign or offering freebies is great way to reach out to new Twitterers. If you're offering reasonable prizes or if users find the freebies really interesting, you might see a steady increase in the number of followers over time. Start brainstorming right now!

So, you got your 10 ways on how to get more followers on Twitter but since I'm also on Twitter @VaultNews and maybe you're thinking on following me, I would like to talk a little bit about my Following Policy.

@VaultNews Following Policy

A following policy? Seriously?! Yes. I am now establishing my Following Policy which is a simple statement of why I will, or will not, follow someone on Twitter. You should read it if you want to understand why I'm not following you or why I have recently unfollowed you. At the beginning of 2009 Loic Le Meur, the founder of "Seesmic," suddenly unfollowed 23,000 twitter users to start anew. He imposed these criteria for following:

"I need to be able to explain in a few sentences how I know you or why I am following you,
otherwise I won't add you."

Now, I'm not going to do what @Loic did because I have too many interesting people in my Twitter stream to even consider such an action. But I am going to unfollow a lot of people to cancel the noise. Unfollowing is part of life on Twitter. It happens every day and it happens to everyone, including you. So, don't take it personally.

"My name is ______, and I'm a followholic."

A long time ago I used to follow 1000s of people, the vast majority of whom I probably never interacted with or wasn't interested in their tweets. It was all about the numbers, you see. And it felt good... But, as I grew more mature I started to see things in a different perspective, and all that noise (especially from spammers) became very irritating.

I turned to Twitter to get the news on what's going on in the world, so I can then use this information to create my next article on this very blog. But I couldn't do it very well since THE NOISE was stopping me from getting what's important. I was only missing for 5 minutes and when I returned there were over 100 new tweets! Sounds familiar? So, I am now constantly refine who I follow (or unfollow) to achieve the right mix of people who tweet about things that really interest me.

If I unfollowed you, then I'm sorry, but know that it's not about you. I am simply interested in other things than you are. Learning in the 21st Century is not about what you know, but what you can share. And I am looking to either learn from others, connect with like-minded individuals or simply to have fun. I need to know that I am not an echo on Twitter, as much as my followers need to be confirmed that they are not alone.

IF a lot of people, including myself, unfollow you on a daily basis - you can find out about these things at who.unfollowed.me - then I have one piece of advice for you: STOP PRODUCING NOISE. You are incorrectly assuming that people want to read everything you put up and thus wasting both our times.

Of course, I am aware that we're all guilty of following more people than we actually care, but I'm doing the best I can to separate value from the noise. So, the next time you share something on Twitter, think about it for a second before hitting that "Tweet" button. How necessary is that message to anyone but yourself? Can you connect in any way with your followers? Also, do I care what you eat or are listening right now? The last one was a rhetorical question of course.

Finally, I am using follow.cost to find out how annoying will it be to follow a user on Twitter at any given time. If you have more than 20 recent updates per day then here's the answer to why I unfollowed you. Sorry, but I honestly don't have the time to go through all your updates every. single. day.

To RECAP, I am not following or have unfollowed you on Twitter because:

  1. we have different interests;
  2. you tweet too much;
  3. you tweet too little.
  4. you are trying to sell me something.

On the other side, I AM following you on Twitter because:

  1. we have common interests;
  2. I find you really interesting;
  3. you reply to my comments;
  4. I would pay for your updates;
  5. you're funny & make my day.

Should you follow me, please introduce yourself (this increases the likehood that I will follow you back). Thanks for reading and share this article if you found the tips&tricks on how to get more followers on Twitter even remotely useful. Again, you can follow me @VaultNews, but I can't promise I'll return the favor. Have a great day! ;)

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