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Have you even wanted the drive a car that leans like a motorcycle? What about driving a car on water? Check out weird cars from around the world! Do you know about the 10 most important objects that changed the world? When an Asian giant hornet scout approaches a Japanese honeybee hive, something really interesting is going to happen...

Would you like to know the answer to life, the universe and everything else? What you need to do is ask the right question or the last question. Check out the latest science breakthroughs to learn more.

Would you like to get control full over your Website and unleash your creativity? Does the word HTML mean anything to you? Do you enjoy Twitter? Then you know how to use Twitter for your business. You don't? Well, you better learn because nowadays Twitter has more than 200 million users!

Would you like to know how does music affect the brain? Did you know that, without plant's photosynthesis life on Earth wouldn't be possible? Amazing, isn't it? Keep reading to find out about top 10 interesting facts about our beautiful planet.

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planet earth Cleanig Up Earth Space Junk
Imagine a big Roomba in space to clean up NASA's orbital debris.

mars missions Dark Side of the Moon Base
NASA is planning to build a base on the dark side of the moon.

fact about earth Temporal Distortion
What is a temporal distortion and where can we find one?

robotics breakthroughs Jaimie Mantzel Robots
Jaimie is obsessed with robots and he's quite good at building them.

planet earth Supersonic Space Jump
Extreme skydiver on a quest to set a new world record.

geminoid Geminoid-F Android
F is for Female. And yes, she's an android. Watch the videos.

plants What is Green Technology
We keep hearing about this "green design." But what is it?

robotics breakthroughs Robotics Breakthroughs
Are we there yet? The latest breakthroughs in robotics.

google iconHow Google Works
How does Google work? Keep reading to find out!

computer news The First USB Computer
A game developer from UK created a cheap USB PC ($25).

water When to Drink Water
When to drink water and how much water to drink each day.

cure for cancer Cure for Cancer Found
Finally, scientists cure cancer. But no one cares! WTF?!?

radioactive disaster Contaminated Drinking Water
Breaking news: The tap water is harmful for babies in Tokyo.

the brain Test for Alzheimer's
Over 50? Take a moment to test yourself online for Alzheimer's.

Interesting Facts about Earth
star star star star
Mother Earth can give life, but she can also take it away. Here are the top 10 most interesting facts about Earth. May she live long and prosper! go to top

First Man in Space
star star star star
Experience the first man in space flight as it happened 50 years ago! Before we "launch you into the orbit," do you know who was the first man in space? go to top

The Superbus
star star star star
This state-of-the-art public transit vehicle, the eco-friendly Superbus, can reach an incredible 150mph speed. Check out the Stretch Batmobile! go to top

Free Guided Meditation
star star star star
Find peace, your inner peace. Silence your thoughts with this free guided meditation technique. Stay focused on the things that matter. go to top

Photosynthesis for Dummies
star star star star
Photosynthesis is what makes life possible on Earth for us humans. Whould you like to know what is photosynthesis? Read photosynthesis made easy to find out. go to top

Music and The Brain
star star star star
How does music affect the brain? What's the connection? We'll try to answers these questions about music and the brain for you. go to top

Weird Cars from Around the World
star star star star
The locomotive car, tiny cars, amphibian cars, leaning cars, rotating cars, hydrogen cars, supersonic cars, space age, even wooden weird cars. Check them out! go to top

10 Scientific Objects that Changed the World
star star star star
To mark its centenary, "London's Science Museum" had its managers select the ten objects inside it that made the biggest mark on our history. go to top

Asimov's Last Question
star star star star
The answer to life, the universe and everything is... If you don't know, shame on you; go watch The Hitchhiker's Guide or read The Last Question by Asimov. go to top

Learn HTML in 24 Hours
star star star star
Is it possible to learn HTML in just one day? Absolutely! Watch this video! This gem contains all you need to know to learn HTML online fast. go to top

Superman in TwitterVille
star star star star
Once upon a time there was blogging, and now there is Twitter, with more than 200 million users! Would you like to know how to use Twitter for your business? go to top

Taringa Online
star star star star
Taringa Inteligencia Colectiva, a social phenomenon in Argentina. Find out more by checking out Taringa Peliculas. go to top

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