The Negative Effects of Facebook

The downside of Facebook...
What are the negative effects of Facebook?

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Be careful who you're talking to and become more aware about what you share online

The Negative Aspects of Facebook

Facebook, the most popular social networking platform today, is known to be a destructive source that can turn its users into real social networking addicts. These fanatics will most likely stalk people, hack into others accounts, get way too engaged with unknown individuals and end up stripped of real life experiences -- these are a few of the main negative effects of Facebook. The popular social networking platform has many negative aspects; however, this article will cover only a few of them.

Of course there are also positive aspects of Facebook, since it provides new ways to get to know our friends on a deeper level and stay connected with people we really care about. However, I will not talk about the good of social networking in this article, but the bad. So, among negative effects of Facebook, on number #1 we have the Privacy Issue.

Unless you choose to hide it, anyone can see all your personal information: where you work, what books do you read, what TV shows do you watch, your political interests as well as your hobbies. And if you think that's not that bad, then think of those users who share their home address and phone numbers. Stalkers don't need to chat with them anymore.

negative effects of facebook
The Facebook Addiction. Image Source.

Although you can always choose who is allowed to view your information (by modifying the Privacy Settings), one of the negative effects of Facebook is that nothing on is 100% private. Another negative aspect of this social networking platform is that way too many adolescents are using it. Because even the celebrities agree nowadays that "If you don't have a Facebook account, you don't exist," it's easy to understand why young children and teens are on Facebook, taking their role models' advice to the heart.

Using Facebook on a daily -- even worse, hourly -- basis can lead to many negative outcomes, such as talking about inappropriate things or trusting too much a complete stranger, who could, more or less willingly, end up following your every move (aka STALKER). In my opinion, people talk and share way too much of their personal information on Facebook. Social networking it's about YOU sharing information that OTHERS care about; it's not about sharing your entire life online!

Another negative effect of Facebook -- which I personally find hilarious -- is that it actually increased the divorce rate. How come you ask? Well, Facebook is actually pretty good at finding ex lovers... you know? Then your ex shares a photo with the both of you in it -- or simply makes an inappropriate comment -- and your wife/husband finds out about it. Then BAM! You're out of the house. LoL!

While young adults who have a strong Facebook presence also have an antisocial lifestyle, aggressive behavior and are generally obsessive, all categories of people who overuse social networking gain a negative effect on their health (such as obesity) and become more depressed or anxious in their daily life. According to various studies, Facebook can also be distracting and can negatively influence the learning process of children.

Now, the purpose of this article is not to convince you to not use Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking platform, but to shed some light on the negative effects of social networking. All that I'm saying is to be careful who you're talking to and to become more aware about the information you share online.

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