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Latest Alzheimer's Breakthrough
  1. March 2012: Alzheimer's treatment stopped brain injury in mice, according to Journal of Neuroscience. The treatment uses antibodies to target Dickkopf-1 (Dkk1), which is a protein discovered in increased levels in the brain of Alzheimer's victims. Apparently, this protein induces the dismantling of synapses in the hippocampus, destroying the memory. By employing this treatment, researchers were able to save the brains of mice, no synaptic disintegration manifesting.

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Discover ways to recognize the early symptoms of Alzheimer's. Test yourself!

A Brief Overview of Alzheimer's

AD aka 's disease, is the most common form of dementia and it's incurable. And it's probably gonna stay that way for a very long time. AD is a progressive degenerative and terminal brain disease that occurs mostly in older people.

Alzheimer's disease causes an exponential deterioration of the brain functions -- the loss of long-term memory, the difficulty in solving problems and behavior disorders will eventually lead to a state known as dementia. In time, all bodily functions are lost, ultimately leading to death (approximately seven years).

The Early Signs of Alzheimer's

By the date this article was published (June 2011) the cause and progression of Alzheimer's disease are not fully understood and there is no cure for it. Early signs of Alzheimer's are the inability to acquire new memories and difficulty in recalling recent events. Problems with language, abstract thinking and calculation, misplacing items, difficulty when performing more than one task at a time, are also early symptoms of Alzheimer's.

online test for alzheimer

In developed countries (U.S.A. and Japan for egg.), Alzheimer's is one of the most expensive diseases to society. Regardless, Alzheimer's is a preventable disease, not an inevitable part of the ageing process. The trick is to identify the early sings of memory alteration and take the necessary prevention steps. Anyone can do it!

Free Online Alzheimer's Test

The early signs of Alzheimer's are often mistakenly attributed to aging. Do not make the same mistake! Below you will find a very useful Alzheimer's Test currently used in Neurology that will help you see how well your brain works and if you are susceptible to Alzheimer's disease. You can take this test right here, online, and it's free. The following test for Alzheimer's consists in four challenges in solving problems.

  1. Find the letter C without using the mouse cursor or any help:


  2. If you have already found the letter C, now try finding the number 6:


  3. And now it's a little harder because you must find the letter N below:


  4. Finally, a history question you should be able to answer with no problem:


THIS TEST IS NO JOKE! It's as real as it gets and relevant. Should you pass ALL FOUR challenges, you may cancel your visit to the neurologist this year. Your brain is in perfect shape and you are far from having anything to do with Alzheimer's. Congratulations!

However, if you failed to pass the online test ENTIRELY, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible! Please note that this test is not intended to replace regular checks with your doctor, however, it's intended to encourage you to act sooner than you might have otherwise and visit your doctor (in case you find it difficult to pass the above challenges). Please take this very seriously as the unprevented Alzheimer's will soon start to affect your memory, thinking, and behavior.

An Alzheimer's specialist said that, if you have Facebook and at least 10 older people on your list of friends, you can prevent at least one of them from going insane by sharing this free online Alzheimer's test. The early signs of Alzheimer's are not to be treated lightly! By the way, the answer to the fourth question is... one thousand nine hundred forty-one.

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