Russian Moon Base

Russia is planning to create a base on the Moon...
The re-conquer of the Moon begins now

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Russia has an ambitious plan to re-conquer the Moon by 2030...

Why a Russian Base on The Moon?

According to "Russia Today" (the first Russian 24/7 English news channel), Russia has plans to send two lunar rovers and several landing stations after the year 2015, actions that are part of Moscow re-conquering of the . The plan is to study the polar regions and, eventually, to create a permanent manned base there.

The attention was drawn to Moon's poles by the detection of ice there, reports "RIA Novosti," citing a roadmap (a plan that matches short and long term goals with specific technology solutions to support those goals) published by the "Russian Academy of Sciences".

russian moon base 1960
Russian Moon Base Concept from 1961 (Image Source)

The first stage of the Russian Moon program will begin in 2015, with the launch of two unmanned probes: Luna-Resurs and Luna-Glob. Both are similar in design and their mission is to study the South and North poles of the Moon. At the same time, a station will land on the surface and deploy a small lunar rover to take soil samples and examine them on site.

The Russian Moon Program

After 2020 a new phase is scheduled for the Russian Moon base: two bigger lunar rovers will inspect the region as far as 30 km far from their docking stations. Their missions mission may continue for as long as five years. Other important objective of the Russians rovers would be field assessment of precise landing using a beacon on the surface for guidance and interaction between landing stations.

The rovers will make use of solar panels and will preserve their energy during lunar nights. While in general the lunar nights last for two weeks -- making the somewhat difficult -- the polar colonies will successfully dodge this problem and take advantage of the sunlight continuously.

Several samples of lunar soil will be collected by these rovers and sent back to Earth for further study by 2023, when another Russian station is is scheduled to land on the Moon. The design of the future Soviet moon base will be decided based on the data gathered from these samples. The rovers and the Russian space base may become the first building blocks of the lunar base -- a fully-functioning scientific facility that comes with giant telescopes, a "unique" platform for astrophysics (the branch of astronomy that covers the physics of the universe).

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 Russian Cosmonauts on the Moon by 2030. Switch to 480p for higher video quality.

"Man should return to the Moon. And not just like in 1969, to leave a mark. We can do important work there -- such as building astrology labs and observing the Sun," Vladimir Popovkin, the "Roscosmos" chief stated for the Ekho Moskvy radio station. Popovkin also said that the Russian space agency is discussing the posibility of colonizing the Moon with NASA and ESA.

Should you remember, four years ago the United States suggested the construction of an "International Lunar Network" (interconnected Moon bases). NASA seems pretty interested in the oportunity to work with the Russian scientist, stating that a Moon base will boost the human presence in the Solar system and has the long-term goal of future exploration of Mars (because the the Moon's conditions for launching space missions are significantly better than the Earth's). I guess that, with the International Space Station de-orbit scheduled for 2016, the future of space exploration looks pretty dull, so NASA had to step up its game.

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