Space Shuttle HD Video

Drop whatever you're doing and watch this!
The first HD shuttle launch footage with sound.

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Watch this awesome space shuttle HD video with weird dinosaur noises...

Mind Blowing Space Shuttle HD Video

Drop whatever you're doing and watch this incredible HD shuttle launch footage recently released on the Web. It's a mind blowing shuttle launch video in high definition, shot from onboard the 's Solid Rocket Boosters. NASA has released couple of launch videos in the past, but none of them were so awesome as this one.

For one thing, the space shuttle footage is in high-definition, which means that the image is clear. The next thing you'll notice is the sound, remastered by the boys and girls at Skywalker Sound (yes, a LucasFilm company). Those rattling noises, ghostly moans and bizarre dinosaur sounds are from the atmospheric reentry of the Solid Rocket Boosters at an altitude of 150,000 feet. The shuttle launch HD video is part of the upcoming special edition DVD/BluRay of "Ascent: Commemorating Shuttle." NASA doesn't even have this video yet, so enjoy an exclusive first look of the shuttle launch!

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 NASA Space Shuttle Footage in High Definition. Switch to 720p for higher video quality.

This amazing space shuttle HD video was uploaded this morning on YouTube by Michael Interbartolo, a guy who worked for ten years on the Space Shuttle Program in Mission Control Center (Houston). On the upper left side of the screen is the elapsed time, and on the upper right is the air speed (calculated by onboard instruments). The Solid Rocket Boosters only burn for two minutes and are used to boost the Orbiter above the atmosphere. When the SRBs detach from the Orbiter, the space shuttle continues its journey alone. NASA launch videos remind me of how amazing it is that we have the ability to go into space.

Seeing outer space makes you realize how small we are and how vast our universe is, doesn't it? The only other awesome video that would match what we just saw would be the one with the entering the atmosphere of New Caprica, which you can watch here. Warning, spoilers!

That shuttle launch video HD was sort of awesome and I'm sure you would agree with me. It's great that you can see the launch site; I only wish they placed the cameras further away from the boosters. But I guess they had a good reason for not doing that. The breathtaking HD video allowed you to see what happens when you fly into space, even if it's just a short orbital flight. This NASA launch video made me think on how awesome would be to actually ride the booster back to Earth in a space suit. Crazy thoughts, right? Hahaha!

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