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Steve Jobs Dies at 56

He died after a long battle with cancer

Steve Jobs Death
"Tell me Evey, do you know what day it is?"

"Um, October the 4th."

"Not... anymore. Remember, remember, the 5th of October. The Mac, the iPhone, and the iPod. I know of no reason why the Apple genius should ever be forgot..." (V)

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Remember, remember, the 5th of October...

“It was a beautiful morning,
He died the night that came before.
We never said life would be simple,
We only said it wouldn't be a bore.”

I remember being woken up by the fragile autumn sun, then by the alarm on my iPhone 4. I hit snooze 3 times...

By the time I finally gave in and arose from my bed, the business bees of Riga were already being too late to take the time and enjoy the view of the autumn clear sky.

A mundane view of a mundane sky. Beauty at its finest.

Steve Jobs Died. A Farewell to A Visionary.

I rushed through my breakfast and didn't have the time to check the news. Didn't have the time... It was raining gently outside but I don't recollect the color of the clouds. I didn't take the time... In an interesting chain of events I was told about his death by my beloved one. She asked me what did I think of the news and the only thing I could answer was: "What news?" Later I go to Google.com and see this...

steve jobs died

I search the Web to find out that Steve Jobs dies at 56, after a long battle with cancer. The world lost a visionary, an innovative leader, a marketing genius, a man who showed that there is a marketable middle ground between the mainstream and the premium. And while this man may have not meant a lot to you personally, he met a lot to the world. "Steve Jobs died," one person would e-mail to the next, later at work. Reflexively, people reached out to their iPhones to find out the bad news...

One of Steve Jobs first big victories was the Apple II, an extremely successful personal computer that revolutionized the industry in the 1980s. Apple II was one of the first computers that most people could work on without any kind of special training; it's interface was sleek, intuitive and easy to understand. This, on par with an excellent marketing campaign, made the Apple II an icon it is today.

Steve Jobs separated with the company shortly thereafter, only to return in the time of need, twelve years later. Thanks to his innovative ideas and the drive to give the consumer the very best product possible, Apple got out of the financial rut they were in before Jobs and blossomed into the mega-company they are today. Into a company that spells style, quality and efficiency.

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 Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. Full Screen view is recommended.

If there wouldn't be Steve Jobs, the tech scene would be insanely different:

  1. MP3 players weren't that big of a deal back in the early 2000s, then came the iPod and now it seems that every brand in the world makes some form of a DAP.

  2. The mobile phone market was stale and lacked initiative (back in those days Nokia dominated the field), then came the iPhone.

  3. "This laptop is weak, easy to break and hard to use!" Then came the MacBook...

  4. "Who on earth would work on a big, oversized PDA style touchscreen tablet? There simply isn't a market for it!" The iPad.

And this isn't even half of what he'd done in and outside of Apple! These are just the bare minimums one should know to realize that one man can also also be an army, that one man CAN make a change in the world. I know this may seem hard to do but please, I beg you, please don't crying over Steve Jobs death; he doesn't need your tears.

steve jobs dies

Just look up to the sky and, even if there's nothing there to see, enjoy its beauty in silence and thank the world for the great people it brings into existence, even if it always takes them away. That's what he would do. He was Buddhist after all...

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Find me on Twitter @VaultNews. Remember, remember, the 5th of October...

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