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Here's a thought: the Batmobile as public transportation...

A Brief Overview of Alzheimer's

Can you imagine that? Well, you don't have to imagine because the Batmobile is real, goes super fast (for a bus) and runs on electric motor. The so-called Superbus can reach an incredible 150mph (250 km/h) and is the invention of the first Dutchman in space, which is Professor Wubbo Ockels.

Although Ockels hopes that the will be put to good use in Holland, the arrangements will probably take a very lot of time...

The state-of-the-art public transit vehicle, which looks like a cross between a Lamborghini with a school bus, cost €13 mil. to develop, can carry 23 passengers and it's made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Pretty amazing this "batmobile," wouldn't you say?

The remarkable 50-foot (15 meters) long bus was recently unveiled before a group of awestruck youngsters in the Netherlands and you may watch the video bellow. The Stretch Batmobile comes with GPS, obstacle detection, communication system, fail safe system and nowadays commodities such as TV and Internet.

superbus batmobile public transit

Professor Wubbo and his team created a public transit prototype that cleverly combines the aerodynamics of a race car (Lamborghini if you like) with the sustainability of a mass transportation vehicle. While the batmobile can be driven on the city streets, Ockels suggested that the vehicle would run more efficiently (at full speed) on its own lane.

The Netherlands are currently examining the possibility of linking Amsterdam and Groningen with such a high-speed highway, while the United Arab Emirates intend to link Abu Dhabi and Dubai, if all things go well on this weekend Dubai National Exhibition and Convention Centre. I wish them good luck!

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 This is the Superbus designed for public transit. Switch to 720p for higher video quality.

Superbus: What Ignited the Idea

Professor Ockels, who was on the last successful mission of the Challenger back in the 1980s, confessed to the media:

"During my space flight I realized that the Earth is just a big spaceship where the hull is the thin layer of the atmosphere which is protecting us against the dangers of space, because in space you can't live. So that gave me the urge to work on sustainability."

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 We are all astronauts of our space-ship Earth. Switch to 480p for higher video quality.

The professor originally designed the batmobile as an alternative to trains -- which he felt were too slow and limited to specific destinations. Ockels said he got the idea when traveling between two towns in Holland, where he worked. He spent 9 hours on the road to cover the 200km between those cities, so he decided that things need to change.

Wubbo Ockels is currently a Professor of "Aerospace Sustainable Engineering and Technology" in The Netherlands and he takes great pride on his Superbus, which he hopes it will "tackle the challenges of mobility and spatial planning." Check out other weird cars below...

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