Vertical Forest in Milan

Started in 2007, the urban forest is the first of its kind and will shelter approximately 900 small trees and plants

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An inspiring architectural gem is being built in the heart of Milan, Italy

The World's First Vertical Forest

Ever heard of a vertical forest? No? Me neither. Until today, when the news of to dominate Milan's skyline in the nearby future has gone viral on the Web.

I bet you've seen a lot of awesome urban gardens concepts, such as buildings with green roofs, gardens that stretch out into the sky, but these two residential towers, the so-called "vertical forest," are more than just concepts. They are currently being built in Milan!

Architect Stefano Boeri named this "little" pet project of his Bosco Verticale (in free translation, vertical forest). The goal and purpose of the vertical forest is not just to enrich the cityscape, but to also participate in the creation of a man-made microclimate, raising air quality in the area where the towers are going to be built.

The Bosco Verticale is designed to optimize, recover and save energy, helping in the creation of an artificial microclimate. Various plants outside the building will absorb the carbon dioxide and dust particles produced by the urban environment and will generate oxygen and protect from solar radiation and phonic pollution, improving the quality of life for the future residents of these towers.

vertical forest in milan
In the future, these vertical forests will soon dominate Milan's skyline (Image Source)

Now, I bet you're wondering who's gonna water these plants, right? Well, plant irrigation will be mainly provided by the building's grey water (wastewater resulted from domestic tasks such as laundry, dishwashing and bathing) through filtering and reuse.

Another important addition to the vertical forest -- this being common practice for all new generation buildings in order to increase their energetic self sufficiency -- would be the Aeolian and photovoltaic energy systems.

The Vertical Forest Disadvantages

When complete, the 88 million USD Bosco Verticale is going to be a breakthrough in urban architecture. However, because the luxury apartments are designed to shelter around 900 small trees and plants, their maintenance might become a problem. How come you ask?

Well, first of all, trimming the branches of those trees is gonna be a headache. Applications for ninja gardeners are now open, LoL! I hope they are planning to use dwarf varieties of trees. Secondly, trees are houses for birds and ants. Unless you're a morning person, the birds will make you get your shotgun and step out the balcony for a little... chat.

While the aesthetics of the vertical forest are exemplary, only time will tell how this experiment will turn out. Seems unreal to me to see these type of projects coming alive. My guess is that the vertical forest will soon start a trend. Did you like this story? Please take a moment to share it with your friends on Facebook.

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