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First Man in Space

Do you know his name?

First on Orbit: The Movie
Experience the first man in space flight as it happened 50 years ago!

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Experience the first man in space flight mission as it happened 50 years ago!

Today, April 22th, 2011, we celebrate 50 years of human space flight. The man who was the first to be launched in space and return home safely was... I bet you know this - .

Yuri spent 100 minutes orbiting Earth before landing nearby the Russian city Engels and thus becoming the first man in space.

To mark this historical moment, the International Space Station filmed a new perspective of what the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin would have seen as he orbited our home planet in 1961.

Although the first man in space movie is not the actual footage of what truly happened in the 60s, the historic voice recordings of Yuri and the music score successfully express the emotions that the astronaut may have felt when he first saw Earth from space. A trully epic journey.

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The 100 minutes flight of the first man in space took place over the Soviet Union, Pacific Ocean, the Strait of Magellan (South America), Atlantic Ocean and over Africa, after which Gagarin space ship VOSTOK 1 re-entered the atmosphere and began its descent close to the Russian city Engels. And so the epic journey ends...

who was the first man in space

Yuri Gagarin - The Man that Made History

The first man in space was born on March 9 1934. Yuri Gagarin had a tough childhood, with almost no food and no possibility of studying. Despite all this, he grew up to become a brilliant man, interested in the engineering aspects of space flight and the construction of space ships. Fully aware of the risks involved when flying into space, Gagarin even told her wife that the launch would take place a few days later, so she wouldn't be worried.

Gagarin nearly burnt up in the re-entry, after a cable failed to disconnect and swung his tiny capsule around, to re-enter the atmosphere backwards. Eventually, the heat burnt the cable off, the capsule turned, and he had landed safely as a national hero. His fame has also crossed the ocean, even making John F Kennedy ban him from entering the US. But the celebrity didn't last long, as on March 27, 1968, Gagarin died on a routine training flight.

While the FBI recently released proof of Roswell UFO crash, Kremlin also made public top secret materials with new details regarding Gagarin's flight into space. Ironically, one of the last things Yuri did before embarking on his titanic journey, was to make sure he had enough... sausage, to last him on the trip back home. Other revealed details would be those of adjusting a piece of equipment with adhesive tape, because "they forgot to tape that thing", and the biggest fear of the Soviet officials' that their cosmonaut would lose consciousness in imponderability.

The British Council helped fund the first man in space movie, and they "tweeted" the flight live as it happened. "First Orbit" recreates the flight of the Gagarin on 12 April 1961 as it happened, using original mission audio and media files. If in the West, Neil Armstrong is a hero of the "space race", in Russia, Yuri Gagarin is the hero of the people.

If you enjoyed the first man in space movie, you can download it from FirstOrbit.org -- a Website specially created to celebrate the 50 years of human spaceflight.

"I can see the Earth. The visibility is good. I almost see everything. There's a certain amount of space under cumulus cloud cover. I continue the flight, everything is good." (Yuri)

Yuri Gagarin is not only a hero for the people of Earth for being the first man to step into the void of space, but he is also a hero for all Russian astronauts, who worship onboard the SSI, the picture of the man who, 50 years ago, on this exact day, became the first man to reach the stars. RIP Yuri Gagarin...

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