Holocaust Remembrance Day 2011

One of the most defining collective memories
of the Jewish communities: Yom HaShoah!

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Survivors of the Holocaust say "Never again!" Two minutes to mourn the dead...

UN Holocaust Remembrance Day

Israel and many other Jewish communities around the world commemorate the Holocaust Day () on May 1st - the official date of remembrance for this year, 2011.

Over the years, special prayers and rituals were developed, e.g. lighting 6 memorial candles called "Yahrzeit" -- one for each million of the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust.

holocaust remembrance day 2011
Corpses lying on the ground beside barracks at the Nazi concentration camp at Nordhausen. AP Photo.

Especially for Yom HaShoah, all places of entertainment are closed by law throughout Israel, and both television and radios dedicate their programs primarily to Holocaust-related issues.

On the morning of Yom HaShoah, a two-minute siren sounds throughout the country, during which all people - drivers included (see video bellow) - stop whatever they are doing and pay silent tribute to the victims of the terrible Holocaust. Jewish history is long and filled with many stories of slavery and freedom, but this one is the greatest of all.

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 Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. Switch to 720p+ for HD video quality.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Holocaust is one of the most defining collective memories of the modern Jewish communities, a day of universal mourning, a day of remembrance. Inaugurated in 1953, the Holocaust Remembrance Day is a solemn ceremonial day for Jewish people, consisting of lighting memorial candles and reciting the "Kaddish" (prayer for the departed). It has been over 60 years since the Holocaust...

The horrors of the Holocaust are still haunting the survivors. The ghosts of the past are for them as real as you and me. But for many others, 60 years makes the Holocaust part of ancient history. Although they are genuine curious about what happened, how and why it happened, the ignorance settles quickly.

The Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2011 is on Monday, the 2nd of May. In 2012, the jewish remembrance day is on the evening of Wednesday, April 18. Let us honor today the memory of those who suffered in the Nazi camps and those who died. Let us remind the world today that we can never again stand idly by while innocent people are slaughtered because of their race or color or religion. Let us never forget!

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