Low Speed Motorcycle Training

Not everyone can do it. It takes practice and time
to master the art of low speed motorcycle riding.

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"A life is not important, except in the impact it has on others' lives..." (Jackie Robinson)

Low Speed VS High-Speed Motorcycle Riding

Low speed motorcycle riding is all about balance. However, to help prevent a crash, practice as much as you possible can. Never get overconfident with your riding skills; make sure you have enough practice before going to a low speed ride.

Not having enough practice about riding a motorcycle at low speed can be dangerous both for you and for those around you. One must be, first of all, realistic about his riding skills.

If you think that, by going motorcycle crazy (riding at a high speed) you will show off your skills, you couldn't be more wrong. Low speed riding takes much more skill and energy than riding at high, insane, speeds.

High Speed Motorcycle Video

Without any doubt, riding fast is fun. The speed, the adrenaline, the feeling of freedom we get from the ride... Unfortunately, some people have a strange death wish. And even if some will get away with it, one cannot possible pull out (for too many times) the kind of stunt the guy in the above video did, and live to tell the story.

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 YouTube video of a High Speed Motorcycle Ride by Black Devil. Click brackets for Full Screen.

We have seen many crazy motorcycles rides on the Internet before, but have you seen this one? I bet you haven't and that it will shock you to your very core. Needless to say, do not attempt this at home; don't be stupid!

Low Speed Motorcycle Riding

To get to where you can drive fast, you often have to sludge through traffic, urban areas or neighborhoods where slow riding is necessary. Riding at a low speed, such as 10mph, can be very difficult. It takes lots of practice because the steering, accelerating and decelerating commands are much more sensitive when riding at lower speeds than at higher speeds. We'll give you a few advices that will help you maintain balance while riding at a low speed:

  1. At low speed motorcycle riding, keep a relaxed and steady body posture, and your knees tucked tightly into the bike. This will help you keep your balance.

  2. Use the clutch to maintain a very slow speed by slipping it, instead of letting it out all the way. Warning! This technique can cause excessive wear on the clutch.

  3. The key to keeping control during low speeds is learning how to feather the clutch while lightly using the rear brake. That's the whole secret!

  4. Use the rear brake along with the throttle to create a fake rotation effect. This will help you keep the bike upright at a low speed, especially while turning.

  5. Drag the rear brake to stabilize the crazy motorcycle, to slow down without the revs dropping, BUT... never clamp on the front brake during a slow turn!

  6. If your motorcycle is trying to fall into the turn, lean outwards (not far, just enough to pull the center of gravity back out over the wheels).

  7. Finally, always look through your turns! Look where you want to go because this will truly help you steer in the right direction. This is important.

No matter the tricks learned here, the one most important thing you can do for yourself is to practice. Like anything else, practice makes perfect, and thus practice will make you a pro at low speed motorcycle riding. You may also like NFS in real life.

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