Rapture May 21 2011

It didn't came on May 21. Even more, the "Rapture"
was delayed to October 21, 2011, which is... today.

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I missed the End of the World and I didn't even know it...

The Date for The End of The World

You probably saw those ads of Family Radio on the Web, preceding May 21 2011. The ads were boldly announcing that the... hold on... the , will come on Saturday and that "the Bible guarantees it. NO FATE? we ask...

Unfortunately for Family Radio, the world didn't end on 21 May 2011, as preacher scammer Harold Camping predicted. But don't you worry, there's still time! The Armageddon is still coming, but with a slight delay: on October 21, which is today. Are you prepared for the end?

Anyway, even if nothing will happen on October 21 2011 (and will not!), there's always 2012, right? Right? ;)

The Rapture That (Didn't) Happened on May 21 2011

First, I must confess that I had no idea that the end was coming! Honestly! Otherwise, I would have prepared (not). Yeah, I did saw those ads circulating on the Internet, but I didn't even bother to click one. Then I saw Harold Scamping ("Scammer") ridiculed by the media, and I began to understand what's going on. I MISSED THE RAPTURE!

Oh my God, this hasn't happened to me before! I must be getting old... I am usually prepared for the End of the World every few years and so, when it's prophesied (again and again). But this time I totally missed it! I cannot believe it, I am in shock!

rapture may 21 2011

So, what happened? Why didn't the world ended on May 21 2011?! Well, according to Harold Scamping, last Saturday was an invisible - sorry, I meant "spiritual" Judgment Day. Oh, now I get it! Thank you for explaining to us, Mr. Scammer... On a more serious note, Harold Camping also prophesied that the apocalypse would come in 1994, but said later that it didn't happen because of a slight mathematical error. While the failed doomsday predictions are fun and games for most of us, they can also have fatal consequences for some, even when they are wrong.

The Rapture was Indeed The End of The World for Some

The failed 21 May 2011 Rapture prophecy did more than just damage Camping's credibility (again). It appears that a few "believers" have suffered serious injuries and even died, fearing the impending doomsday. Take this mother for example (she tried to kill her kids before the Rapture) or the case of the Taiwanese old man who jumped from a building ahead of the Rapture. There were other unconfirmed reports around the world as well.

Christian leaders from across the world have dismissed Camping's prophecy, calling him a false prophet and fearing that his followers may become deeply depressed when the Rapture will not occur. More than 5,000 billboards with the Judgment Day message were spread across the globe and Family Radio received donations in millions of dollars as May 21 2011 drew closer. Others scammers, such as AfterTheRapturePetCare.com tried to take advantage of this, providing post-apocalypse animal care for "only" $10.

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 Not the Rapture; just the Holocaust Remembrance Day 2011 in Israel.

The End of The World as We (Didn't) Predicted

Ignoring the fact that the Bible says that "no one knows" the day the Messiah will return "like a thief in the night," I am happy that the End of the World was postponed (for 5 months, yay!) so that I can have enough time to prepare. See you on October 21!

may 21 2011 rapture

Update: October 22 2011
Are you still here? Well, the world didn't ended. Again! What a bommer...
At least #rapturebomb is trending on Twitter, so let's just all have a big laugh about it.

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