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We dig chicks with weapons. Weapons with mood lighting, aka lightsabers.

SABER: Finally a product worth buying! It definitely beats the Star Wars Kid! While some argue that this is better than Episode I, II and III, others dream that Natalie Portman could have been in this video to turn it into "the most awesome thing in the history of the world", end of quote.

WARNING! The following Lightsaber Duel is NOT SUITABLE for minors.
Description: Chicks fighting in their underwear with lightsabers.

You just watched THE advertisement. The one by which all advertisements will be measured from now on. Filmed with Panasonic HVX. Visual FX in Adobe After Effects.

Location: Hollywood, CA, at the WHISKY A GO GO where they serve alcohol in plastic cups because rock bands don't usually like to get hit in the head by glass beer mugs. Just in case you're wondering... these aren't the girls you're looking for.

Three in the Afternoon

Next, another successfull Lightsaber Duel fan film with special FX by former LucasArts effects guru Ryan Wieber. Just in case you lived under a rock, the lightsaber - also known as a laser sword - is the weapon of choice of a Jedi Knight in the StarWars universe.

Designed as much for elegance in combat as for ceremony, the StarWars lightsaber became synonymous with the Jedi values to uphold peace and justice throughout the galaxy. A Jedi will spend many months to construct a single perfect weapon that he or she would keep and use for a lifetime. Once built, the lightsaber will become his/her constant companion and a ready means of defense in any Lightsaber Duel.

The ritual of constructing one's own lightsaber was an integral part of Jedi training, and involved not just technological skill, but also a close attunement to the Force. Early StarWars lightsabers did not have self contained power cells, and were instead connected by a cable to a belt-worn power pack.

Also early in Lightsaber Duel, lightsabers were not weapons exclusive to the Jedi order. In fact, they were quite mundane, being used by rebels and troopers alike.

Death Star Canteen: An animation of comedian Eddie Izzard. Explicit language used.

George Lucas limited the weapon access to give the Jedi Knights a unique feel and an arcane perspective. To carry a lightsaber was to demonstrate incredible skill and confidence, as well as dexterity.

Any Lightsaber Duel fan knows that, in the hands of a Jedi, a lightsaber is almost unstoppable: it can be used to cut through blast doors and it can deflect incoming fire.

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Chicks with Lightsabers!

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