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Taringa! Inteligencia Colectiva: Internet Community from Argentina

What is Taringa?

Taringa! is a controversial virtual community from Argentina created in 2004 where users can share posts on various topics, from articles, tutorials and humor to music downloads, videos and games. Taringa Peliculas! has a X-Rated sister on its name Poringa! where users can post explicit materials. Users and moderators are the same on both sites. Taringa and Poringa! became famous thanks to the appearance on national media for various reasons. To name two of the most important reasons the Websites became well known to the Argentinean public:
  1. the meeting of a boy with his father after 25 years, in less than 24 hours;

  2. the intimate video of Wanda Nara, a famous Argentinean model, whose post had more than 2 mil. hits and had an impact on TV and magazines for months to follow.

With more than 2 million members, 11 million comments and 60.000 visitors at any hour of the day, Taringa Peliculas is a social phenomenon. You can register here for an account.

How Taringa Works?
All users of Taringa Peliculas (except for newbies) have a certain amount of points per day, depending on their rank, which they can use to evaluate other people posts. Each time a user votes a post, the author increases in rank. The ranks are, from the lowest to the highest:
  1. Newbie - Cannot give away points and can only post in newbies section;
  2. New Full User - They have obtained 50 pts. with a single post and have 10 pts.;
  3. Full User - He registered before Taringa! 3 and can give away 12 pts. each day;
  4. Great User - A nomination given to people who deserve it; they have 17 pts.;
  5. Moderator - Makes sure rules are followed and moderates posts; has 35 pts.;
  6. Administrator - The highest in rank, responsible for continuous technical development of Taringa Inteligencia Colectiva.

Taringa Peliculas can be seen as a forum, a blog, a social network or an online gaming site; although you can find almost anything you want. After you register, you can gain access to millions of resources, but the main purpose of Taringa Peliculas is to allow its users to share links, images and experiences with other users. You will find tutorials, you can request input from other users and rate other users as well. Taringa's users have also Counter Strike servers where they can meet and shoot each other (cs.taringa.net) just for the fun of it.

Did you Knew?
  1. Taringa ranks 166 in Alexa and has over 8000 Web pages linking to it.

  2. The name of Taringa came from a zoo: an ape made a noise like "Tah-Inga", it sounded funny and striking, so the creators decided to use it as a name.

  3. There is a suburb in Queensland, Australia called Taringa. In aboriginal language, Taringa means "tarau" (stones) and "nga" (made out of).

Although the portal does has a messy look, we can assure you that the main page of Taringa Inteligencia Colectiva is well organized so you can find fast everything you're looking for. What is its main virtue is its survival and how it still gathers the interest of thousands of visitors daily, facilitating the online sharing of various resources.

Sharing is Loving!

Taringa Inteligencia Colectiva

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