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 Ashley Poses for Playboy

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Bad Girls Who Made a Lasting Impression:

- Kerry Harvick from Bad Girls Club 1 is "the sexy kitten of country music"

- Joanna Hernandez (JoJo) of BGC 1 is a striking Hispanic beauty

- Cordelia of Bad Girls Club 2 appeared nude in several porn movies

- Tanisha Thomas (of season 2) became a host for Oxygen's OxygenLive!

- Hanna Thompson from Bad Girls Club 2 is bi-racial and extremely selfish

- Jennavecia Russo of Bad Girls Club 2 is now on Vh1's Tool Academy 3

- Sarah Michaels of Bad Girls Club 3 was featured nude in Playboy

- Tiffany from Bad Girls Club 3 is a self-proclaimed hustler

- Kate from Bad Girls Club 4 is also known as the prima donna on the show

- Natalie from Bad Girls Club 4 is a self-proclaimed socialite

- Lea from Bad Girls Club 5 is now single after a six-year relationship

- Erica of Bad Girls Club 5 is a edgy cheerleader who loves tattoos

- Ashley from Bad Girls Club 6 recently posed for Playboy

- Nikki of Bad Girls Club 6 is very self-confident and calm

- Jade "The Party Diva" from Bad Girls Club 6 is a spoiled drama queen

- Sydney from Bad Girls Club 6 is a real pin-up girl and she's bi-sexual!
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Bad Girls Club

The Bad Girls Club is an American reality TV show on the Oxygen Network. Debuting on December 2006, the show follows seven women with severe psychological and personality issues, hence the Bad Girls title, as they live together for four months.

In Bad Girls Club cameras record the interpersonal relationships of the girls and their attempts to accomplish specific goals. Season 7 of Bad Girls Club, called New Orleans, premiered on August 1, 2011. Filming began in February in Kenner, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. The new "bad girls" are:
  1. Angelic Castillo (21, exotic dancer) from Bronx - "The Bronx Bombshell"
  2. Judi Jai (21) from Olympia Fields - "The Voodoo Vixen"
  3. Tiara Hodge (22, entrepreneur) from Houston - "The Goofy Gangsta"
  4. Nastasia Townsend (23) from Sacramento - "The Powerhouse"
  5. Shelly Hickman (23, bartender) from St. Louis - "The Lady Killer"
  6. Tasha Malek (23) from Miami - "The Posh Princess"
  7. Priscilla Mennella (25) from Staten Island - "The Staten Island Spitfire"
  8. Cheyenne (22) from Austin - "The Texan Vixen" replaced Priscilla

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Bad Girls Club Season 7
Episode 14: Reunion, Part 1
Aired: November 7, 2011

The Latest Bad Girls Club Episode

Perez Hilton hosts the first part of the "Reunion," where the Bad Girls look back on their experience in the house BUT not without the usual drama. It's time for them to leave the house! It was a good season overall. Watch episode 14 (Reunion, Part 1) right here, and return at a later time for Part 2 of Reunion (episode 15). Enjoy!
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 Bad Girls Club Season 7 Episode 14 Reunion, Part 1

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 Bad Girls Club Season 7 Episode 14 Reunion, Part 2

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 Bad Girls Club Season 7 Episode 14 Reunion, Part 3

Top 10 Girls from Bad Girls Club

sarah michaels nude bad girls club
Sarah Michaels

kerry harvick bad girl club season 1
Kerry Harvick
neveen ismail bad girl club season 2
Neveen Ismail
cordelia carlisle nude
Cordelia Bad Girls Club
joanna hernandez nude
Joanna Hernandez
amber buell b. bad girl club season 3
Amber Buell
kayla carter bad girl club season 1
Kayla Carter
whitney collings bad girl club season 3
Whitney Collings
amber meade m. bad girl club season 3 Amber Meade jennavecia russo nude
Jennavecia Russo

Bad Girls Club Uncensored

Bellow, the original bad girls (season one):
bad girls club uncensored
Bad Girls Club Uncensored

From left to right:
  1. Kerry Harvick is an American country singer.
  2. Zara Sprankle
  3. kerry harvick nude
  4. Jodie Howell was mistakenly accused by the other bad girls for being a man; a rumor initially spread by Kerry. She felt that she had no one left to turn to, so she made the choice to leave the bad girls club house in episode 20.
  5. Aimee Landi
  6. Ty Colliers (episodes 1-10). During a group trip to the beach, Ty and Aimee argued about who should carry their raft. Ty spit in Aimee's face, Aimee attempted to spit back, but Ty punched her. The other bad girls were able to break the fight and Ty was sent home later for throwing the first punch. Joanna Hernandez (aka JoJo) replaced Ty in ep. 16.
  7. Leslie Ramsue felt her roommates were doing nothing to motivate change in their lives and that it would be best for her to continue college, so she left the bad girls club to better herself. She was replaced by Andrea Laing in episode 16.
  8. Ripsi Terzain, the self-proclaimed 'Blackout Queen', after a night of drinking with Zara, she attacked both Kerry and Jodie, until her other roommates stopped her. The following day, she claimed to have no memory of the events. The bad girls held a house meeting and decided to send her home in episode 5.

Bad Girls Club Uncensored

Season 2 of Bad Girls Club introduced a new challenge in which the bad girls were assigned a job they were required to attend. Failure to keep the job would result in leaving the club. The bad girls of this season were:
  1. Jennavecia Russo (episodes 1-14). After their boss docked their pay, Jennavecia felt it was unfair and quit the job via email. As a result for breaking the rules, she was kicked out of the bad girls club shortly.
  2. Darleen Escobar
  3. Melissa 'Lyric' Greene (episodes 1-8). She became fed up with her roommates constant fighting; she reached her breaking point after a full house war between the bad girls. Fearing that her roommates' destructive behavior would have a negative influence on her, Lyric left the club on her own terms.
  4. Cordelia Carlisle: Appeared nude in several adult movies!
  5. Neveen Ismail
  6. Tanisha Thomas
  7. Hanna Thompson

Replacement Bad Girl:
  • Andrea Sharples (replaced Lyric; episodes 13-21). Andrea left her blog unattended and Cordeila stumbled upon it. She told the other bad girls about what she read, and they found out that it wasn't the only blog she had written about them. Despite her attempted apologies, Andrea was unable to resolve the conflict with her roommates as they all turned against her; so she decided to leave the bad girls club after that.

Bad Girls Club Uncensored

The bad girls of season three are:
bad girls club nude

From left to right:
  1. Whitney Collings (episodes 1-12 and 14). After an argument in Cancun, show rules were broken when Whitney attacked Amber M. in the street outside a club. Whitney and Amber both pulled each other's hair, but Whitney was ultimately sent home for kicking Amber in the head after she had fallen down.
  2. Amber Meade was one of the funniest girls in Bad Girls Club Uncensored.
  3. Kayla Carter (episodes 1-5 and 10). After a disagreement with Amber M. over leaving a tip at a restaurant, the problem escalated into physical altercation. While driving Kayla and Amber continued to argue over who was right, and Amber asked to pull the car over so she and Kayla could fight. When they returned home, the bad girls informed the others of what happened. Kayla became upset because she felt that her roommates were on Amber's side so she packed her bags and left the bad girls club house, rather then being sent home for breaking the rules.
  4. Amber Buell
  5. Ailea Carr (episodes 1-12 and 14). During the fight between Amber M. and Whitney, Ailea jumped in and kicked Amber M. in the face several times. Though she admitted, she was not punished with Whitney, which angered Amber M. and eventually Tiffany. Tiffany called a house meeting in which she confronted Ailea for her part in the brawl. After that, Amber M. asked her to leave the club, which she did.
  6. Tiffany Gibson
  7. Sarah Michaels: Did you know that she was featured nude in Playboy? Surprisingly, Sarah is more of a motherly figure to the other bad girls as she continuously tries to burn out the fires between them.

Replacement Bad Girl:
  • Ashley Weaver replaced Kayla in episode 7. When Ashley arrived at the bad girls club, the other girls locked her out, refusing to let her in.

Bad Girls Club Season 5 Uncensored

bad girls club season 5 uncensored The Bad Girls crew has packed up and relocated it to Miami as seven new self-proclaimed drama queens move into a new house and start getting crazy in South Beach.

Here's the Bad Girls Club Miami cast: Catya, Erica, Lea, Brandi, Danielle, Kristen and Morgan. Get to know them well as this season of Bad Girls promises to be wild: love affairs, a trip to the Caribbean, hair-pulling and large consumption of alcohol, all of this uncensored.

Will living together help the bad girls move forward and turn their lives around or will chaos rule? Find out in this new season of Bad Girls Club!

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