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Jaime Eason is a hot and popular bodybuilder and fitness model.

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There's no magic pill and there are no shortcuts, but the results are worthwhile

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Growing up, hot Jamie Eason has always been active in sports and dance, but 2001 is the year she really got noticed at the NFL cheerleading tryouts. Out of 1600 girls, she ended up being one of the 35 chosen girls.

It was a fun year for Jamie, but after the NFL ended she noticed that returning to her inactive lifestyle was taking a toll on her body. So hot Eason decided to join a gym and began lifting weights, but wasn't getting the desired results. On the contrary.

After four months of intensive training, Jamie was about to throw in the towel when she met an old friend of hers, ten years older, who looked unbelievable for her age. Eason got curious...

With help from her friend and a hired trainer, quickly realized the importance of nutrition in shaping her body exactly the way she wanted. Therefore, after another three months of workout, Jamie finally reached her goal: 10% body fat.

Understanding that she achieved something few people are able to, Eason took great pride on her own success and disciplined herself to never stop training, no matter what. The right mindset and a healthy body image are very important for hot Jamie Eason and this reflects best in her photos that you will have the pleasure of watching bellow.

Jamie Eason Diet & Workout

jamie eason diet and exercise Born April 10, 1976 (now 35-year-old) , the former NFL cheerleader and winner of the World's Fittest Model competition does everything to stay in shape. Eason Jamie typically eats 5 to 6 meals a day with pauses of 3 hours in-between. Her diet consists of lean protein (helps the body feel fuller longer than other foods) such as chicken, fish, turkey and egg whites.

On the other hand, Jaime eats slow digesting carbs, such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes and fruits. Eason also likes to eat lots of fresh vegetables that help fill her up and also add fiber.

Her favorite workout - which Jamie recommends - is the walking lunge, for which she uses the 80 or 100 pound barbell weight, doing 12 walking double lunges down the floor and another 12 singles back. Jamie Eason second favorite workout is lifting to failure, recommending not resting too much between sets.

Jamie Eason Advice to Women

According to Jamie Eason fitness model, most women avoid weights at all cost for fear of getting too big, which she says is a huge misconception nowadays. Hot Eason believes that women can do cardio workouts and diet all day long without ever achieving the shape they're after. This is mainly because they don't incorporate weights into their exercises, weights that will actually change the shape of their bodies.

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 Jeamie Eason Workout. Training with Jamie Eason at Bodybuilding.com

Jamie Eason also recommends lifting to failure - despite professional advice - motivating that one must train heavily, but not stupid. When the fitness model had a job in packaging and shipping, she got used to bending and squatting all day long; however, she didn't get the pair of glutes she hoped for. She quickly realized that our body adapts to repetition, and this is why Eason recommends this type of workout.

Jamie Eason Photos

Hot Jamie has a "no nude" policy highly secured in place. On her "Model Mayhem" page she wrote "No nude requests" and up to this point, she kept her clothes on. Eason motivates this decision by hoping that men will find it sexier when she leaves something to the imagination, and she couldn't be more right. We do find it sexier!

The fitness model achieved the physique displayed in the pictures bellow through a lot of hard work and persistence. There is no magic pill and there are no shortcuts, but the results are worthwhile. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Jamie Eason!

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